Anthony Townsend is spending some time in Korea on a Fullbright, and has an excelent blog about his adventures there. Most recently he outlines his Vision of Ubicomp:

my ipod (or whatever you want – phone, laptop, pda) is my “base computer” which i can store all my data and applications on securely and privately. when i need a bigger screen, network access, more processing power, storage or i/o devices i just put it next to them and it wirelessly links to those resources.

these things are then provided via a variety of business models like wifi is now, and i sort my preferences for urban spaces depending on what computing services i need. though, computing services will rarely be the dominant factor, just part of my daily lifestyle decisions.

It’s a bit personal server, plus a couple other things.

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[To the tune of Misia, “Hatenaku Tshuzuku Story,” from the album Greatest Hits.]