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Another quote

Continuing my conquest of media, I also got a quote in the latest Business 2.0, at the start of a special feature on “Seven New Technologies That Change Everything

it’s notoriously difficult to identify the great technologies of the future that are actually here today. “Breakthroughs are disruptive for a reason,” says Alex Pang, research director at the Institute for the Future in Menlo Park, Calif. “They sneak up on us even when we try to prepare for them.”

I’m sure it actually means something….

Unfortunately, I don’t have accss to the Business 2.0 Web site (read: no subscription), so I don’t know what the technologies actually are.


  1. Here’s what you’re missing:

    1) Plastic solar cells
    2) Printable mechatronics (inkjet manufacturing, your favorite 😉
    3) Memory drugs (will be bigger than v1agra)
    4) Perpendicular magnetic storage (next-gen high density disks)
    5) Microfluidic testing (diagnostic lab on a chip)
    6) Micro-optical ICs (lower cost optical switching for broadband networks)
    7) Software radio (uh huh)

  2. It’s really true– I love the concept of injket manufacturing!

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