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Chuck E Cheese, aka House of Terror

Yesterday I took my children to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. One of my daughter’s classmates was turning five, and they elected to forgo the whole rent-a-bouncy-house thing (which is the other great option for professional class parents) and just outsource the whole deal.

Of course, the kids all had a great time; but I spent the several hours feeling like Marlin in Finding Nemo— in a vaguely threatening environmnent, wondering where my kids had gone. But I finally figured out what bothers me about the place. Not the fact that Chuck E Cheese combines the noise level of a Metallica concert, the franticness of the Filene’s Basement wedding dress sale, and the visual stimulation of the Akihabara; nor that their pizza is terrible and overpriced.

Actually, all those things do irritate me.

But what makes me feel like there’s something actually dangerous about the place is that it’s almost impossible to know where your kids are and what they’re doing. At a playground, you might be some distance from them, but you can (at least theoretically) almost always maintain line-of-sight contact.

In the Land of the Lactose Tolerant Mouse, in contrast, children need to go maybe four feet before the encounter a corner, an obstruction, or something that takes them away from you. Maybe I’m probably overprotective, but I prefer to be able to see what my two year-old is doing. I know what kinds of games my kids like, but I still like visual confirmation. Theory is good, but I want experimental evidence.

Another problem is that there’s no single place in the restaurant where you can see what your kids are doing, and also see the door– that is, a place they shouldn’t be. There’s an employee at the front who is supposed to check to make sure that your hand stamp matches that of the kids you’re taking out. This is the kind of system that will foil child abductors who are as unmotivated as Chuck E Cheese employees, but for everyone else, it’s what Bruce Schneier calls “security theatre,” something intended as a public show of concern for safety.

But we all survived, though my ears are still ringing a bit.


  1. I am a chuck e cheese employee, and i totally disagree with what you think about the children. you could keep an eye on them if you watch by following them and not sitting at the table the whole time. the person at the door is required to say the number that is on your hand which is security! Have we at our chuck e cheese’s ever had anyone complain about the security, no, they all love it, and we do watch. although we are not babysitters we do watch to make sure that nobody goes outside if they are under 18. go to johns incredible pizza, maybe they will watch your two year old…

  2. This is exactly my point: following the children is particularly difficult in the Chuck E Cheese play area, because it’s designed to obstruct lines of sight, making life hard even for a conscientious parent. The hamster maze-like tubes that the kids can crawl in, for example, have multiple exits that can’t all be surveilled simultaneously. Games are clustered so that the kids have the experience of rounding a corner and finding a new game, but making it hard for parents to keep track of multiple children.

  3. I am in total agreement. Chuck E. Cheese may offer my kids profound enjoyment, but the place has never left me with anything but profound brain ache. The “hamster tubes” challenge even the most attentive parents to keep an eye on their wee bairns and the food is an assault on every sense. One additional gripe: While many machines are prone to give forth a great bounty of tickets, I get the feeling my sons will need a degree in advanced ski-ball to earn enough for something that doesn’t break on the way to the car. The price of parenting.

  4. Hear hear! The whole ticket system is a great example of complexity designed to thwart the user– like those mail-in rebates that most people never remember to fill in, or send in without the UPC from the package, the original receipt, blood workup, etc. etc.

  5. I am also a chuck e cheese employee and as stated before Kid Check is a security system, that actually works, not letting any unattended children leave. So, Chuck e cheese is a little expensive, but think, the sky tubes are free, kid check is a free service, you dont have to pay to get in so it isnt like a carnival, the huge live show with the robotic chuck e is free, so something has to pay for that.

  6. Talk about stereotyping. I work at Chuck E. Cheese and quite frankly take offense to your little quip about the employees not being “motivated” enough to keep kids from running out the door. It’s pretty absurd to complain about the security at Chuck E. Cheese, a place specifically designed as a safe environment for children, and go on to praise the park, which is a pretty common place for children to be injured or abducted.

  7. Wow, you’d think that someone had insulted McDonalds!!

    100% right on the layout of these places, Ive been to 4 of them in 4 different ciies and EVERY TIME the parents say they same thing: “This place was designed by someone who doesnt have kids.”

    And I work as an insurance investigator and can tell you that the theatre description is also true. In my field, there is a big difference in security and perception of security. The CEC method is like the 150$ car alarm: its good enough to stop the crackheads 90% of the time but not the guy who have some eletronic toys.
    And while i cant speak to the motivation of employees, Im usually wary of the job satisfaction minimum salaried McJob employees give. Maybe because i was one in my youth.

    Bottom line, I wouldnt trust my kids enough in that system to guarantee that it is fool proof but that is a parental responsability we should NOT throw on someone else’s back. Just like its not a school’s job to raise your child and teach them manners.

    What CEC HAS to do is that whole line of sight thing for parents the poster was talking about


  8. my child had his foot fractured by one of their so called “safe games” by a steel platform falling on it. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find out if this has ever happened to others?

  9. Good grief. I hope he’s okay, or recovering rapidly!

  10. I am also a chuck e cheese employee. I agree with the previous statement. Chuck E. Cheese is a restaurant, not a day care. We can’t be watching what your kids are doing every 5 seconds. Thats your job as a parent to know where they are and what they are doing. Oh yeah, and go ahead and take your brat to the park… go see how much security you have there. You will be wishing there was a kid check there.

  11. Kristin, let’s review the problem, as I put in the first paragraph: “what makes me feel like there’s something actually dangerous about the place is that it’s almost impossible to know where your kids are and what they’re doing.”

    I’m not asking for Chuck E Cheese employees to watch my children. What I do want is the restaurant to be designed in a way that makes it possible, not impossible, for me to watch my children.

    That’s my complaint.


    And indeed I do take my children to parks, far more often than we go to CEC. I don’t need security or kid check there, because the park’s design doesn’t get in the way of me doing my job as a parent.

  12. It is such a tragedy that these places of filth are not regulated like schools, daycare centers or even hospitals. I guess I am a little different I enjoyed my NBC training in the military, but were did it get me at CEC?In bad shape employess not even allowed to ware gloves,just read below:

    I took a job as a Tech. Manager at Chuckie E. Cheeses, hoping for a nice quite job, what the hell happened? With in the first weeks of this job, I got the flu, momo, and a server staph infection. The workers comp lady came to see me in the hospital and ask me very personal questions, like what I did I do in the military and was I sexual active, and how old was my son?
    I did some checking and these restaurants have been sighted for many, many health violations. I did not have ax to grind with the Chuck but when the GM came in and said to a cast member who had acne bad, you need to shave! I went off! The GM told me that nice guys finish last, and this is a place to take the kids?
    Go ahead violate the I-9 forms, while the real Americans stand in line at the employment office.
    I use to take my son to the chuck and cut him loose, now, Oh no; we will go to the park, fly a kit before I take him the cesspool of bacteria/virus at the Chuckie….

    Another lady told me this:I would never take my daughter here again. This place is not clean and the people that work here are young kids trying to make a couple of dollars and they do not care. I think that this place can be better if they did a re organization. My friend took her kid here as well and got sick from another kid because that kid had pink eye.
    Do not take your kids here!

    Check the DPH web site before you go to any chuckie cheeses, and I feel you will make another choice.

  13. i have been to cec many times over the years. i agree that at many different cec’s it is hard to watch children and is dirty, but i was my chilren’s hands before they eat and as soon as they are done playing. some people at this cec use the restroom and leave without washing their hands! a grown woman! it just disgusts me!i also don’t let them go in the tubes, and not one of us have gotten sick, or lost for that matter. some cecs are dirtier than others, but for the most part, the one iusually go to is usually passable. i would hate to work their. i feel bad for the employees who have to listen to mothers who are to lazy to get off their fat asses to watch their children yell because their child is hurt and/or crying because they couldn’t win a toy or other thing like that. i realize some parents are not that way but most are. someone elses child about 1 1/2 years old almost walked out with us the last time we went because her mother was shoving the overpriced pizza into her mouth and reading a book! if you know you have a young child, WATCH THEM! or instead of complaining, just don’t go to cec at all.

  14. It just amazes me to hear what people complain about. Just the thought that you actually think that CEC purposely arranges their restuarant to make it hard for you to see your children is beyond any logical thinking! Some people will find any reason to justify their own shortcomings. I had 3 children, under the age of 6 and I have never had a problem keeping track of them in Chuck E Cheese’s. As for the comment on the employee’s, every place of business has some bad hires but I think you owe these kids an apology for your comment, or you need to leave comments about every business out there about their employees. I can tell you this, the kids at Chuck E Cheese’s are much better than the ones you’ll find at fast food places. At least I have never been treated rudely by CEC. I can’t say that about many other places including those where teen-agers don’t work. And the CEC where I go, I checked their health department score, it was a perfect 100 twice that I have looked at it (posted in plain view), never saw it below 95. I’m glad a have a CEC to take my kids to, they love it!!!

  15. I work at CEC, and find it amusing that two of the other CEC employees that have posted a comment here have said that you need to be watching your kids. CEC advertises that it’s a place where you can go and just relax, while your kids run around and have fun. They assure you that you don’t have to worry about them wandering out of the building or being taken, because there is someone (Supposedly) watching the door at all times.

    Kid-Check is my job. It’s all I do, and it’s difficult to keep tabs on the entrance for seven straight hours. Sometimes things happen where I have to temporarily leave the entrance, be it to help run a pizza, or help a kid out, and rarely a kid may slip by and I have to run out the doors to catch him and bring him back inside. The fact is, you’re supposed to be allowed to trust that your kids are safe, but CEC isn’t a very safe place. It becomes so crowded, it’s easy to lose your kid, and they can easily fall or trip and hurt themselves.

    I discourage everyone from coming to CEC. Take your kids to a park for a family picnic, BBQ, or just a fun time.

  16. HAHA, i think that KC is hilarious! I mean, comon, if you work somewhere why would you talk it down so much? I really hope you quit or get fired. I work at cec and at OUR store kid check is the number one priority, there is always 2 people there to make sure noone is getting by, one watches incoming people, one watches outgoing people, also, this is great in case one has to run somewhere.
    As a party hostess I also know that being kind, and really caring about the job is my perosnal priority, I mean, comon! We perform live and road shows as much as possible! We love them!! They are so great, and its a good way to see where your kids are because they all flock over to dance and sing!!!!
    COMON GUYS!!! dont diss cec….until you go to several and see exaclty how some of them are run.. we are clean, always cleaning and disinfecting EVERYTHING, safe, and Fun!!!

  17. I am a previous Chuck E. Cheese employee and a parent. I agree with both sides, but think a great solution would be for Chucke E. Cheese to take all there money and make there facilities much larger and add some more activities. I love there food to by the way.

  18. i work at cec also….
    first of it is so rude to talk down on every store. yes, i have worked in seven locations and can honestly tell you that one was in fact dirty. but we try. it is company standard to disinfect all games at least once daily. we all pass health inspections or we’d be closed by now. the ONE store i worked at that was dirty was simply dirty because its 25 years old, and the guests are horrible. im sorry, but there is no need to leave open dirty diapers on your table! this is going to make employees not want to clean. and yes, i agree that some cast members aren’t motivated about their jobs, most at my store make minimum wage (and some have been there four years) so give them a break. these are not the people we put in charge of kidcheck. most of us love our jobs. and at my store, kidcheck is also a priority. NEVER have we had a complaint about it. and when kids go “missing” 98% of the time they are in the sky-crawl, the other times they are in the bathroom. next time you walk into chuck e cheeses, read the kidcheck sign… clearly posted it says “please remember our kidcheck program is not a substitue for adult supervision. parents or guardians must supervise their children while visiting at chuck e cheese’s”

  19. Today 4/24/2006 my family went to Chuckie Cheese on Lake Mead in las Vegas NV and as I was about to bite into one of their chicken wings, I noticed an object that I thought was dried blood. But as I looked harder, it turned out to be a small nail imbedded into the breading of one of the wings. I immediately felt ill to my stomach. We got the manager to come who never gave her name, but asked did we want another order. I was apalled at her lack of concern that a nail was in my food. She tried to take the nail away with her, but I grabbed it back and took a photo of it with my camera phone.
    Since I refused to accept another order, she asked me what did I want? Boy, I getting upset about how she’s handling this as if it’s no big deal. I told her to refund us the cost of our meal. We allowed our kids to stay and enjoy the games, but you can be sure I’m not letting this just sit and forget about it.

    Published By Hellen DeJesus –

  20. I believe Chuck E Cheese is a great place. It is a parents responsibility to watch their own children. If your complaining because you can’t see them playing games then it is only cause you aren’t following them around. If it is the tubes that bother you then don’t allow them in them. We can’t help that the games are large and therefore they are hard to see around, but you just need to keep a good eye on your kids. Another thing is kid check, what is there to complain about? You may say kids aren’t really checking and they don’t really care about the safety but i believe that to be very untrue. I make sure that when I stamp the parent that it is on the right hand and visible. If I can’t see it then I will restamp them. Also I leave it on their arm therefore a parent can’t wash it off forgetting that it was there and washing their hands in the bathroom. Another thing is your child getting sick… well it will happen. Everyone gets sick… but it doesn’t mean that C.E.C is what makes children sick. They get sick from school and other places. After all most kids especially get sick from school and recieve things like pink eye, or lice. It isn’t like people stand at the door and is like I think your son has pink eye, or I saw him sneeze on the way in and we can’t allow him in because he will get others sick. That isn’t right. If your complaining about the food being unsanitary then that just depends on the loction and how strict the managers are. However our restaurant is considered the top 10 cleaness restaurant in our city and there are over 100s of them. Prices… yes when i first looked at the menu i was like omg that is so overpriced. However the family savers are good deals. After all you get tokens with every food order that is why they have to raise prices on things. Anyways I love CEC and I have worked there over a year and never had complaints I plan to keep on working here because i love it so much. I always here the comment you must have a headache when you leave at night. However I really don’t the kids i love them all and none of them have ever gotten on my nerves. When I work gift shop I’m always giving away extra prizes and everything because the kids are worth it.

  21. The only problem I have at CEC is people not watching their children. I’ve had children ask me for tokens, walk on the skeeball machine I was playing on, and witnessed children taking ticket out of the machine when another child was playing. The security system at Chuck E Cheese is not meant to be a babysitter. Get your Kids. I have a two year old I don’t let him run around on his own. I go around and take him to the different rides. I just wish people would get their children and stop letting them run free in CEC. I love going there, but it is a headache when people don’t watch their kids.

  22. I was a Chuck E Cheese employee for 3 1/2 yrs when I graduated from college. I got the job through the job placement program at my school (what a joke). During this time I worked at 4 different locations as ‘assistant’ tech for $5.25 an hour. This lofty position entailed starting work an hour before everyone else in the morning, getting to work on Saturdays to cover for half the teenage staff calling in ‘sick’ with a hangover every week, and I got to wear a shirt that was candy-striped instead of red. My only good memories of that place was maintaining the stage robots and a co-worker named Kellie, who at the age of 17 had a 44-inch bust and a sparkling face that shined like the sun. Okay, I,m getting a little off track here…(I can already hear a million Oprah viewers booing me for my ‘piggish male perspective’). My point to all this is in the four different locations I worked at, not only did I experience a complete sense of apathy from my fellow employees and the parents of the children who came there, but I also felt a deeper sense of corruption throughout the higher echelons of the company (i.e.: the people who make the money). Charming people who didn’t give a ‘rat’s ass’ about me (pardon the pun). Here are some gripes: After 2 years of working there at minimum wage, the district manager brought in a guy who graduated from the same school I did and had me train him to be my boss. After teaching my new ‘boss’ everything I knew about the job another six months go by and I finally get a promotion a month after I got married. This ‘promotion’ was basically getting a dollar an hour raise and being sent to manage a CEC store in another city. Me and my new bride were evicted 4 months later for not being able to pay the bills. The GM at the store couldn’t understand and didn’t care. (He was making 35K a year, I was making $6.50 and hour. Do the math.) Yeah, makes Wal-mart look like a candy factory.
    There were all kinds of health issues: cooks taking food dropped on the floor and just putting it back on the plates. Drink dispensing machines caked with slime. Constant problems with sewage backups and bathrooms having to be shut down. The GM in one store had rusty old disposable razor in his office that he would have employees use if the showed up to work unshaven. The ‘ballcrawl’ was hardly ever sanitized properly. We also had a mouse problem (ironic, isn’t it?). Not to mention other weird stuff like till-skimming, co-workers selling stolen tokens to local kids at the schools, and teenage employees have sex in the bathrooms after hours. If there is a ‘root of evil’ Chuck E Cheese is it. They treat their employees like mongrels, and their clients like ‘moneybags with legs’. My advice to parents: Stay the heck away from this place. Have a birthday party in your backyard, play video games on your own PS2’s and Xboxes, and if you really need a mascot, have you or your spouse dress up as the Easter bunny or something. ‘Nuff said.

  23. I am an employee of chuck e cheese and I love my job. I work kid check and am very motivated and happy to work everytime I do. I didn’t start with the $6.50 training wage like every other place here in Canada, but with $8.00 an hour, and after 3 months that became $8.25, so I don’t know what the guy above was talking about. When it comes to the issue of us being sanitary, well we are. Even though I work kid check, I end up having to stay an hour or so after we close just to finish off all of my closing cleaning tasks. Although there are a few people who don’t enjoy working, they are always kind to the guests and have a postive attutide while out on the floor. I would agree with the fact that ya, our stuff is expensive, but as said before we offer free admission and skycrawl and live shows. When it comes to kid check not working, thats just bullshit. My managers won’t let me leave to do anything unless I have somebody covering for me. I’d say sure, it could be dangerous in ways, but that’ll only happen if you are a neglegant parent or just plain stupid. Finally, if you think we suck so much, try going somewhere like Go Banana or Crash Crawlies or other places that offer indoor playing areas for children. We are the safest and the most entertaining for your children, which should be the focus of your visit, not the cost.

  24. You don’t know what the guy above was talking about because you’re a teenage girl living in Canada. Come back to this website in about eight years when you’ve got a mortgage, a couple of kids, a college loan payment, and you’re still making $8.25 an hour. Then we can see how ‘motivated and happy’ you are. LOL

  25. Mrs. Tecola A. Ranucci

    June 4, 2006 at 10:21 am

    Please list the correct name with punctuation

    Chuck E. Cheese or Chuck E. Cheeses

  26. Mrs. Tecola A. Ranucci

    June 4, 2006 at 10:23 am

    correct spelling with punctuation for Chuck E. Cheese, or Chuck E. Cheese’s, etc.

  27. Obsessed with semantics

    June 5, 2006 at 8:50 am

    Please use proper title such as Sir Charles Edward the Cheese or Rodentius Familiarus Verycheesius, etc.

  28. how come chuck e. cheese do not have the robots any more? that really pisses me off.

  29. Well to answer all of these comments, I will be more than glad to.

    First of all, the “A-Tech” at 2 posts ahead of mine is quite a bad worker if he would stay there that long and at pay that crappy. It is CEC standard to start of all A-Techs around 8-9.50 a hour, and I know that because I am an A-tech. As for sanitation issues, you really cannot be blaming the company itself, but the indiviuals who run the store. Me myself have been working at the CEC in Las Vegas at Grand Canyon and 215 and still am, and while you can find crumbs underneath tables, I have no problem in saying that our overall gameroom is clean. If you have any desire to see the best CEC, please visit 308 where they will be more than happy to show you why they are number 1 in the district.

  30. Referring to the post above: Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but to call me a ‘bad worker’ is way out of line. I stayed at CEC for so long because I was very good at the job and I enjoyed what I did there. I kept one store afloat for 2 years as ‘A-tech’, and that store had no Technical Manager during that time. The District Tech from up north came down to review my store and told me directly that my robot stage show was the best he had ever seen, and this was back when we had five robots, not just the ‘Chuck E Torso’ that is in most stores now. It’s nice that you are lucky enough work in idyllic Las Vegas and that the ‘CEC standard pay’ served you well, but you shouldn’t talk down to someone who works hard and didn’t get to share in the same lucky circumstances you had. Especially someone who could run circles around you from a technical standpoint. (Do you rebuild your own brass pneumatic cylinders, or do you just order the pre-assembled aluminum ones? Yeah, that’s what I thought.) I’m sure that there are some good CEC restaurants out there, I’m just saying that I got a raw deal in the district that I worked in.

  31. That one guy who says he is “glad to answer all comments” & that his store is “number 1 in the district” sounds more like a marketing executive than a gameroom technician. hmmmm…..

  32. Yea, no doubt that las vegas dude sounds like he’s reading Q-cards from a commercial. I never met an assistant arcade token dude who talked about “desire to see the best cec” and knows his own store number. I work at cec and those gameroom dudes usually just unjam coin returns, play skeeball and try to pick up on chicks.

  33. The other tech is just expressing his side of the story, and then Vegas A-tech is trying to diss him. Can anyone say smokescreen? i smell a narc. “Come to store 308 and live the dream of Chuckie Cheese!” Where everyone gets sunshine blown up their ***!

  34. I’ve been thinking about applying for a job at Chuck E. Cheese. Do those of you that have worked there advise against it?

  35. I’d have to say It’s a good job to get while you’re in high school, but not the kind of job you want to get after college, or make a career of, unless you are a personal friend of the District Manager. Now this is just my opinion, and I’m sure some people will protest it. And these people are executive tycoons who actually make more than $40K a year, but they certainly don’t represent the majority.

  36. I’m 16 and I’m looking for jobs and was thinking of going to work at CEC. I go by the place sometimes because a music store is near by and it seems ok. I think it all comes down to the managers and other people working there because if some fat-ass who hates kids is the manager in a place like that, of course it will suck.
    Would this be an ok place to work for someone my age?

  37. Well, maybe I was a bit rash in saying what I did, and I apoligize. I just work really hard and when I see that crap, it pisses me off. As in terms of your commitment to the store, I commend you on seeing you know how to get studio c running… As for me saying running a q card commercial, I only know my stuff because I was there so long. As for me sounding liking an exec, hah thanks! But A-Techs are not Gameroom attendants and are on management level, so they also have access to store faxes and e-mails. Thats why I know we are 1 in district. I really don’t want to push the issue anymore, but please correct me if Im wrong.

    As for the cylinders, I never had an issue with them, but I think I could rebuild them if I saw how they were built.

  38. to blah. A-techs are not management level please correct yourself. You are just there for PM’s!!

  39. It’s true. I used to be an A-tech years ago and only got six bucks an hour with no “management” advantages. I even had to serve pizza and wear that stupid mouse costume.

  40. Yeah well, A-techs here before have opened the store by themselves, and know safe combos, do some management things, but I came from cast level and was a blue shirt, which gave me more insight on how management works. I will say one thing to your favor though, managing at CEC is something monkeys can do better though. I am leaving the company at the end of the month, but I do quite a bit more than pm games. (Fucking actuators from cheap Canadian games…)

  41. I know what you mean. The janitor and salad prep girl open our store every day on weekdays. Our GM doesn’t come in until after nine.

  42. Yeah well whatever. The ass-tech who unjams canadian coin mechs and thinks he’s an exec. I’m glad a monkey can do your job better. At least with a monkey, we wouldn’t have to read this claptrap.

  43. I would still respect the fact that your trying to insult me, but Actuators are not coin mechs.


  44. I wokred for the chuck for a year, because of the bad working conditions and lack of care for the employee I am disabled. I had to go home to my home town to get hosplized, then CEC sent out a investagtor. The one thing I try to do is FORGIVE!

  45. Ok..

    I was an employee at Chuck E Cheese and i have a few things to say to everyone.

    1. The design of the store does make it a little difficult to keep track of kids, but they are safe. As an employee i kept an eye on any kid i saw walking around without an adult,never let any kid outside with out there parent, and helped parents keep track of thier kids.

    2. Not all employees are unmotivated. YEs, the pay can be a downer, but i LOVED my job. I loved working with the kids and helping the parents.

    3. If we are unmotivated it is because you parents give us no reason to be motivated. You don’t tip us and you freak out if there is even the slightest bit of error, which, more often than not, isn’t even our fault. I have had parents yell at me for 2 hours straight becuase they were stressed about the party and all i could do was smile, do my job, and try not to cry. So if there was ever a day i was less than motivated it was becuase i hated the parents. BUT I ALWAYS LOVED THE KIDS AND MADE SURE THEY WERE SAFE AND HAPPY.

    4. our pizza is good

    5. The place is not that dirty. In fact there was NEVER a case of Staph infection while i worked there and i cleaned that place till it was spotless. I was litterely on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor to make sure things were clean. And we do where gloves, wash our hands repeatedly and use hand sanitizer. We clean our bathrooms hourly and use a disinfectant on everything we use after every use.

    So rant all you want, but make sure you know what you are talking about. And since you are mostly adults, why don’t you stop acting like immature teenagers gossiping about stuff you don’t understand. I busted my ass for over a year getting paid less than minimum wage to make sure you and your child had a safe and wonderful time. If that is really the way you feel about us and all the hard work we have done,


  46. The comment about the nail in the buffalo wings, the employee’s do not “bread” them, they come precooked ready to go, all the employee has to do is put them on a pan…..maybe you should be calling Tyson!!!

  47. Just another parent

    October 11, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    I was at a CEC party for one of my son’s Pre-K classmates last week near Baltimore and it was horrible. ALL of the employees wer less that enthusiastic. A fight broke out between two adult women and they nearly trampled half a dozen kids as they wer wildly beating each other up. None of the employees did anything to stop the fight or call the cops. Another parent had to call the cops. The floors wer nasty and the bathrooms were as bad as any gas station. The food 1.5 – 2 times what it costs in any other pizzeria. There was no manager on duty. The kid check person was rarely at the door. Games were positioned so that you couldn’t see more than 10′ in any direction (yes that is actually planned, see any outlet drawings during construction). This really sucks if you try to watch more than 2 kids at a time. I think it’s hysterical that the only ones really defending the place are employees.

    I’ve been to one CEC in Charlotte, NC and I’m sure there are a few others but most of them are just money pits with high-school zombies that work there. I guarantee that I can find more parents that hate the place than like it by a very large margin.

  48. Unlike other posters, I am going to be very specific as not to make generalized statements that may offend true hard working CEC employees.

    I attended a birthday party for my nephew on 10/14/06 and was truly appalled by what I saw. Not only was the wait staff rude (I witnessed them push children from out of their way as if that were appropriate and basically tossing food on the tables, which they neglected to clean), but they also left the entrance to the facility totally unattended meaning children could easily leave the facility if not directly supervised. Following your child every minute in a place where a kid can be a kid is IM-FREAKING-POSSIBLE! Trust me when I say just sitting at a table is not an option for me ever! Then, to add further insult to injury, I saw MICE running around the play area as well as under the children’s eating area.

    These issues pose great physical risks to the patrons that go there. My only regret was that I did not have a camera to photograph these things as I would have forwarded them to the appropriate Health officials in New Jersey and posted them on every website possible!

    I live in NY and frequent the restaurants here often with my children and I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this before. However the NJ facility was unbelievable and since it was to be a festive occasion for the children, we agreed not to cause a scene by saying anything. However, I refuse to allow the incident go unmentioned. Please understand me when I say that the management there really needs to get their act together pronto.

  49. I have been working for CEC for roughly 6 years now. I started off as a reg employee and now i run my own store. I have worked at 13 different stores nation wide and can personally tell you that no 2 stores are the same. Yes, some stores are old and can use some repair. Yes, some cast members and managers can be rude or unmotivated. Yes, CEC has opportunity to grow in different ways, but you know what, i bet no matter who or what job or field your in i can go there with a fresh set of eyes and complain about every little thing possible. I have personally had to deal with every situation anyone can come up with at CEC. Being as little as the pizza being late or something huge as a child leaving kid check cause it was unattended or “stuff” being in the ball crawl (which is why we don’t have them anymore). I have had parents and kids alike scream at me to my face and call me names and outright destroy things in the store. I still go to work to this day with a smile on my face, ready to make magic. I know things could be better to suit people, but to try and suit everyone in the world to make everyone happy all at once is impossible. I know i personally keep an eye on every kid and parent that walks through my doors. It is my job to make sure every guest leaves happy one way or another and i am great at what i do. There will always be mistakes made, cause god forbid, we are all human. To address the layout of the store, yeah, you cant always find little “billy” when you look up, but at the same time, all you have to do is ask a castmember to help you find them and they will. I have never had a child go missing, they are most of the time just playing in the sky tubes or in the restrooms. The system is great, but in some stores i guess its just hit and miss. I love my job and its because of kids that give me a hug when they leave and say thank you. Its when a parent goes out of there way to give me a hand shake and says its worth the price. Yeah things are expensive but try and go somewhere else where every game and ride are just one token and if it doesn’t work they give you that token back plus several others. Even though the average family pays roughly $45.00, the perceived value they get is through the roof. They have a security system, cast that for the most part cares, management that will do anything for the guest, games and rides that are only one token, and the biggest thing, kids love Chuck E Cheese. Chuck E Cheese is the second most recognizable character behind Scooby Doo. I have ever met a child that wasn’t glowing with anticipation when they first come in through kid check. Never met a child that just wanted to leave cause they didn’t have fun. But for me, i personally don’t have kids, and don’t know what its like but i will take my kids to CEC in the future. There is that level of sickness that kids will pass on to other kids and to adults as well, but you can get that anywhere. Overall, i loved my job than, and i love my job now. I know that it is easier to rip things apart than it is to praise, but i wish people can see both ends and not every store is bad and it is not the companies fault just the people running the individual stores. Thank you for your time in reading this.

  50. I’m currently 20 years old and am blessed with the ability to remember as far back as March 1988. Between 1988 and 1992 I had a few miserable visits to CEC. I can say from an honest firsthand perspective that I abhor every aspect of that place.

    My parents thought it would be a good idea to take me there because it was “the in thing”. They coerced me to go in large part because pizza was on the menu, a selection I had relished at Pizza Hut. However, I did not enjoy myself at all. The pizza was a disgrace to the word pizza and after I left each time I was there I’d go home and have a real meal of peanut butter and jelly.

    In the place, I always sat at the table with my grandparents, who were nice enough to come along to most of my visits there. No matter what my parents tried to do in an effort to amalgamate me with the other children, I just wanted to remain at the table.

    As an only child, and one raised in large part by a family rooted in academia, I have always taken on a large part of the culture of those older than me. I never watched Nickelodeon, spent more time using my computer than playing with toys, and was more interested in reading and solving mathematical equations during what Piaget defines as the preoperational period. I defied many stereotypes of Piaget; for example, I had the ability to conserve. However, my inability to relate to other children and their culture was undoubtably a harbinger for my failure at CEC.

    I’m a germaphobe so naturally I avoided the tenacious arcade machines and ball pits. Even at the table I consumed three moist towelettes–and this was with an absence of venturing into the realm of unkempt facilities. I brought my own crayons as well and let them, as well as my grandparents and God’s will, be my pilot throughout the ride through the pits of CEC.

    There were also unorderly children throughout the place. Efforts to police these children were minimal on both the accord of the parents and that of the staff. These youth were dangerous in the fact that one could cause an accident to endanger not only themself but also perhaps an innocent bystander.

    While my family does not partake in the consumption of alcoholic beverages, there were many parents ordering beer. Even at the young age of two I worried about other children going home with drunk parents. The last thing anyone needed was for these parents to neglect their children, thinking they were safe among unruly children exposed to more bacteria than one would find in a small country, and then venture home under the influence to endanger them further. These parents were far too preoccupied with their own narcissistic tendencies to be concerned about the well-being of their offspring. It was uglier than sin.

    You may ask why my parents took me to CEC a few times after the original disaster. Well, they believed it was vital for me to be exposed to other children and their culture, not necessarily for purposes of osmosis or application but rather for understanding. They also believed that my lack of years in the world had led me to an inevitable childhood phase. To me, however, this was no phase. I had my wits about me and knew something wasn’t right with this places. I wanted to escape and return home almost as soon as we arrived. While I did not inconvenience my parents with arguments, my resistance to the place eventually led to extinction of their futile attempts to take me to CEC.

    Even as I embark upon my third decade, where I will run amidst the fields of love and ultimately find someone who will bear me children there, I know in my mind and my heart that CEC is hazardous for children. You can mark my words–when I have children they will never step foot in CEC. I know firsthand from my youth that it is a wasteland for American children.

  51. Do You Know that ANYONE, at any age or height (Even Pedophiles) are allowed to go in the sky tubes and play with your kids with limited visibility at Chucky Cheese…yes even if they were by themselves with no kids of their own…..I confirmed it with the upper management of chucky cheese. Their statement is ….We don’t discriminate. Can you believe that? Voice your concern and call them at -888-778-7193, Mon.- Fri. 8:30am – 5:00pm CST.Sk them yourself…you will be shocked!

  52. TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM… stay the fuck home and cook for your damn tyrants so you have nothing to complain about. You take your demons there just so you can have a damn hour or so alone… if you feel this way, DONT HAVE KIDS.

  53. I think he is right. Chuck E. Cheese is sopposed to be a place where kids can run around and have fun. And a parent should be able to lay back and relax. That is what Chuck E. Cheese should be like. I sware their are so many proplems in the world today. And It has to stop, people are rude, mean, and heartless today and it should stop now!!!

  54. Here is my lovely experience at the Glen Burnie CEC location last Saturday. We got there at 5:05 pm. At that time there were quite a few people waiting to be seated. My husband immediately put our name on the waiting list and was told that there would be a 30 minute wait. Despite the fact that I am 5 months pregnant and there was no seating in the waiting area, we decided to wait as my daughter was very excited about going to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. Many of the people waiting decided to leave as only a very few were allowed in during the first half-hour of our wait. We noticed a woman who appeared to be a manager approach the host/hostess stand. Since a half-hour had passed and we had not been allowed in, we asked the woman if she was a manager. She said she was. My husband told her we had been waiting for over a half-hour and had been told that the wait was only a half-hour. He then asked how much longer we would have to wait. Ms. Wheeler responded that she did not know because most of the seating was reserved for birthday parties and her staff would have to clean off the tables in the unreserved section before anyone could be seated. She then walked away. At the time she made these comments we observed approximately five to seven tables in the unreserved section that needed to be cleaned. These tables had been dirty when we first entered the restaurant and none had been cleaned in the first half-hour we waited. Another half-hour passed as my two-year old daughter, my husband and I stood and waited. In the meantime, many people were admitted even after telling the hostess they had no reservations. I would hate to think that this was a racial issue. However, we did observe a man come up to the hostess stand after my family and ask how long the wait was. He said he was not there for a birthday party. The hostess told him a half-hour but within ten minutes we saw he had been admitted. He was a different race than my family but was the same race as the hostess. In the second half-hour of our wait, my daughter was playing with other children in the waiting area. I was within a foot of her when I heard the three boys she was playing with each call her a “bitch” and laugh. This was within earshot of the hostess and the manager, who had just approached the hostess stand. I immediately asked the boys what they had said but they and their mother refused to look at me. I told the manager what the boys had said and informed her that we had now been waiting over and hour. At this point we were upset as our two-year-old daughter had just been verbally assaulted and Ms. Wheeler had refused to take action. We were also upset that the wait time had been severely misrepresented to us and I, being five months pregnant, was feeling nauseated from not eating. The manager finally sat us after we complained again – however, she sat the mother and the three boys who had called my daughter a “bitch” directly behind us and took no further action. My husband took my daughter to play games and was able to salvage some of her evening. However, I am still extremely upset over the treatment we received from the manager and the rest of her staff. I worked in the restaurant industry for over seven years and there is no reason why five tables should take over an hour to wipe clean (especially since no one even bothered to fill the napkin dispenser, as we found out when we were finally seated). The hostess was not at all friendly or courteous to us during our wait. The manager never apologized for the hostess’ misrepresentation of the wait or any other part of our terrible experience at your restaurant, even though we informed her of what was happening. More than anything, I find it reprehensible that a two-year-old child can be called such vulgar names within three feet of a manager and be informed of this incident immediately and no action is taken except to seat my family next to the family who made the remarks. I can only surmise that this is the type of clientele your restaurant prefers to cater to as I sincerely doubt I will return to this location.

  55. Hey, this is the A-tech that said negative things about the other who quit.

    I was wrong. And I apoligize. I quit from CEC too because they treat their employees horrible. We are nothing but expendible to them.

    CEC in the last year is not making money at all, and lost 25-34 million dollars in sales. As a result, they cut the labor rate hours from 41.00 a day to 28 in our district. Our location still performs at 35,000 a week, but we still are understaffed, and the GM does not care as she schedules herself on weaker days where it is dead. I was told I would never get a raise, and that my hours are being cut back.

    Also I was told to be expected to take on more work since the lack on money coming in.

    CEC is definatly in trouble, so keep your eyes out.

  56. I work at CEC and to answer all of your questions about it… Chuck e Cheese is not a babysitting service, nor is it a place you let your children run loose. It is a place for parents to interact with their kids and the games are designed for parents to help their children, thats why they have seperate areas for younger children. If your child runs away from you, its not CEC’s fault if they get lost because you let them run away from you… they should know how to behave

  57. I’m going on my third store as an employee of CEC and I love it for the most part. I’m not gonna say it’s perfect….sometimes there is a wait, sometimes the cast members suck, and often I don’t get paid what I feel like I should be getting paid, but something keeps me coming back. But just a few clarifications:

    1. Experience really varies by store. This company seems to have a huge problem keeping general standards among all 400+ locations, especially if it’s a corporate store vs. a franchise store.

    However, please don’t generalize against all CEC employees. Many follow the hospitality rules and have the backround/training to give you a positive experience. If yours comes up short, complain to management and corporate, because it all stems from them.

    2. Don’t even get me started on kid check. I can’t think of one other restaurant that offers anything remotely comparable. Would you rather have nothing at all? Because sometimes I think kid check is a waste of time and labor, but then I have to rationalize and put the children’s safety first. You can’t believe the complaints I get about even HAVING the service! People find it irritating that their kids can’t run to the car for them or leave with another relative. Shut the fuck up and go home.

    3. Don’t be surprised if you come in on a SATURDAY and there’s a WAIT. The store has a capacity for a reason: YOUR SAFETY. While your experience makes me shudder, don’t expect all CECs to be that way. My former location purchased walky talky headsets so we can clear tables and then communicate with each other quickly when tables open up. I ran the best wait in my entire store, people were in the door within 10 minutes. If you were pregnant I think they should have offered you a chair, but sometimes it’s hard to assess the individual needs of all forty families waiting at the door complaining. Maybe they didn’t know? I wasn’t there so I can’t really comment. But I would file a corporate complaint. They WILL investigate.

    I guess I see faults on both sides.

  58. I can understand why parents would hate taking their children there. It can be very difficult to keep an eye out, unless you are walking with them to every single game. However, if you don’t like the place then don’t take your children there. It’s as simple as that. It won’t ruin their lives to never have a birthday party or other outing at Chuck E. Cheese.

  59. I am a mother of 4 (5,8,8,10) all boys and went trying to find promo coupons my eyes saw this forum on google. I am appauld. You can sit here and talk about all the bad things that have ever happened to you and others can defend them. You can also talk about any store,resturant,or other places in the same light. Each place can have things go wrong and things go right. Not everyone is going to be the most up beat person nor is everyone going to be lazy and unmotivated. Each facility in the world could have a forum and people can sit hear and argue the pros and cons, its life and nothing in life is perfect. No matter how you want it to be it isn’t things go wrong every where and its just part of life.

    “all GUESTS leave happy” if you have a complaint talk it over with the manager(without yelling always helps) I have been to CEC so many times and when I feel unsatisfied with something I talk it over with an emplyee and I leave happier.

    i just wanted to post this comment becasue i feel as if you can sit here and find all the errors in CEC history but you can do that with anystore. I feel that chucke e cheese has been a great place for my family to enjoy.

    report card, clean room, and bday incentives all make going there even better. Its not as expensive as people think. For my family, we spend about 60.00 each time we attend , which considering it includes entertainment, games, prizes, food, and fun all in one its pretty much priceless. (movies cost us about 50 just to enter the place not including popcorn)

    so as a caring mom of kids, i know many of you concerns and I looked into them myself. If you do have a concern speak up(not on hear but with your local CEC manager)
    _bring up things about the cleanilness, food price, safety

    Chuck E Cheese has always left my family leaving happy which is one of there mottos so if your not leaving happy then let your vocie be heard and they will do something about it, just not here, actually at the resturant

    Happy Cheese visits from now on

  60. After a lecture from my parents I decided to enter the work force at the age 0f 16. Not many places were hiring but Chuck E Cheese came through

    nervous at first becasue of my laughable uniform I went through the taining.

    My first day was crazy. MIllions of pizzas being delivered on top of salad bar, washing tables, refilling napkins.condments, and retrieving about 5000 pizza boxes can make any employee want a break.

    After the first shock of my first day I became adjusted and I have never felt so honroed to work anywhere before. Our location was completely redone and its better then ever. we have awesome new games and tasty pizza topppings and most of all a safer environment. The new layout is very kid friendly.

    overall this whole thing started with one person’s view on her experiance at the CHEESE and although she may of had a bad experiance it doesn’t even begin to describe the good days that come from there each day. You may have one person leave upset a week but thousands of people leave happy. I will stick with those odds.
    I have ony been working for 5 months and the staff is so up beat and positive. There love for kids and work shine through each day

    i truely have grown from working here and i hope that you with a negative image of chuck e cheese can one day have thatpositive experiance that iahve and if not then o well becasue so many are each and every day

    have a good one

  61. If you dont like the fucking place dont go. Get a life

  62. We arrived at Chuck E Cheese on 1-2-07 for my youngest sons birthday. He chose where he wanted to have dinner that night, a special treat. We have been to CEC several times, my oldest son is 13, my middle son 9. I expect to be exhausted when I leave, from watching them constantly, scanning the room, watching for token and ticket theives and also dirty germ type areas. However, this time my youngest son suffered a second degree burn. I really think that even constant watching, and monitoring would not have helped in this situation. You see the equiptment was not properly maintained and he touched the floor of the Chuck E balloon ride (the one that you pedal). There is suppose to be a plastic guard there, however he fell forward into the opening located on the floor where you would step off the ride. He is right handed, so , it is not as if he purposely touched it. His finger is blistered and he received a shock. We took him to the doctor to make sure he was ok, and it was a second degree burn. The manager was more worried about my husband giving him information about where we live and phone number than to ask if our son was ok. I was busy running his hand under water at the dirty bathroom sink. Scary place to clean a burn. They did not have a bandaid or a first aid kit available. I still have not had any contact with the restaurant so far, but would at least like an apology, and to know that no one elses child will have this happen. I have digital photos of the equiptment. At least the manager unplugged it, I think. When my son fell into it, it shorted the lights on the ride.

  63. CEC will cover your hospital bills and probably give you free coupons. Call corporate and complain. They are legally supposed to have a first aid kit and make sure you’re okay.

  64. I live in San Antonio, and I take my kids to Chuck E Cheese almost weekly! The kids that work there (for the most part) are great! I’ve seen all the Managers at this one location, and they seem to care about what is going on, the GM even calls me by name when she see’s me! Life is not perfect, I’m sure none of you guys have ever done anything less then perfect. I had a problem there once (wrong order), but I told the Manager, and she fixed it…even did more than just fixed it. If you hate the place….don’t go. If you go and have a problem….tell the Manager!!! If they don’t fix it ask for the GM, I bet he/she will fix it, even so you still have the company you can call. I’ve been to other places that I haven’t felt so welcomed….I’m glad I have my Chuck E Cheese!!!!

  65. Chuck E. Cheese is creepy. I remember going there when I was little. I was particularly scared of the robots, but I’ve heard those are gone, for the most part. I think it might help if I were able to see the robots one more time as an adult. Do any of the restaurants still have all of the characters on stage?

  66. i am a chuck e cheese employer and i think our establishments run great things may seem a little pricy but yet u still come in to buy them and our secruity is great none of the stores in my state has had a compplaint about i mean everyone complains why why why do you all keep coming back for me the kids love the show our pizza and looking for that stamp on there hand!!! its a great place and no children ever get hurt our store is all about safety so i mean yea just be more of a parent if you are that worried about them and take them somewhere where you can put a leash on them and walk around with them

  67. i am a chuck e cheese employer and i think our establishments run great things may seem a little pricy but yet u still come in to buy them and our secruity is great none of the stores in my state has had a compplaint about i mean everyone complains why why why do you all keep coming back for me the kids love the show our pizza and looking for that stamp on there hand!!! its a great place and no children ever get hurt our store is all about safety so i mean yea just be more of a parent if you are that worried about them and take them somewhere where you can put a leash on them and walk around with them

  68. I hate Chuck E. Cheeses. I work there. My boss is a dick, the pay is horrible, and no one cares about anyone else. The food tastes like cardboard, probably because it is all chuck e cheese brand. Honestly, it is a waist of time to go there, they cost you an arm and leg for a pizza and the games are older then I am. Save yourself the trouble and stay away.

  69. Posted to the person on…
    September 23, 2006 at 03:49 AM

    “We clean our bathrooms hourly and use a disinfectant on everything we use after every use.”

    –Perhaps by the week.

    “Not all employees are unmotivated. YEs, the pay can be a downer, but i LOVED my job.”

    –It’s ok, I am sure you were replaced by a person from south of the border.

    “The design of the store does make it a little difficult to keep track of kids, but they are safe.”

    –Go back to college and check with your biology instructor, about bacteria and virus and UV wavelength.


    –who is screwed? because the person that sent the hate mail, I obtained the IP address from the header of your foolishness from the parent computer.

    Have a good day, Doc — I know Steve G. he would not write anything like that.

  70. Hey, Doc:

    Steve G. didn’t write it. It was Jessica. The author of each comment is at the bottom of the entry.

    I guess the wrong person is getting “screwed” here.

  71. Chuck E. Cheese…yay, my ever so favorite topic!


    I just love this…a complaining parent. I have to ask, when is a parent NOT complaining? I work at a Chuck E Cheese now (but pray I won’t be much longer) and there’s ALWAYS something they’re whining about. It’s very simple. Get off your ass and watch your damn kid. I work in the game rooms and I’ve been able to keep track of kids. It’s not that hard. And don’t give me any of this ‘store design’ crap. Jeez, every day I go into work and all I get is bitching. That’s all it is.

    I started working at Chuck E Cheese eight months ago. I started out very enthusiastic and wanting to try as hard as I could to do a good job. But what has it done to me? It’s left me seriously apathetic and disenchanted. This was my first job EVER. It’s like no matter what we do IT’S NEVER GOOD ENOUGH! The people who visit our store are disgusting, mindless, selfish slobs who have nothing better to do than wreck the place, whine, eat 75% of the food and THEN complain about it (“Wow, you sure ate a whole hell of a lot of it for something you DIDN’T like!”) and generally make my job harder. I have exercised a considerable amount of self control because I haven’t shot and/or stabbed any of those people yet.

    The only reason I’m still working there is because I have yet to find another job. But as soon as I do I’m going to tell Chuck E Cheese to go to hell.

    And tell the guests they can burn with the rat, too. 🙂

  72. Well I can say to that I worked for CEC, worked past tents! and I can say that I feel good about it because I made a difference, in the standards and hygiene of the restaurant and perhaps that so call entertainment business. Since I resigned, the GM, DM, and area techenical manager are gone. CEC contentiously changing insurance companies like some one changing there cloths. And the workers comp employees have now been replaced, X2. I received a little over 200 dollars for my suffering and injuries.
    Why am I writting this? why should you care. Because no one cared when I was there, no one wanted to take the time to listen. To busy with there crack smoking habits, but E*i*a will see the way, if she does not jails, intuitions, or death will follow from her on inflictions. She on several occasions invited one of her friends to ware the chuckie costume, that was not employed my CEC. This was a place I took my son? As for the other manager’s, Mrs. Bar*er*a* she was the one that gave me this wonderful idea, to let people know what was happening in that store. You have a great amount of information on people, and most of it is your own twisted perception. You wanted to sterotype/diagnoss people with things you no nothing about, only from watching Opra and Dr. Phill. It really makes you amateur ha? As for c*un, he was the head of the “gangster boys” a bunch of insubordinate thugs. C*un power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, well the CEC way. I was unsure of what kind of love triangle I was looking at when I first started, it was just apparent to me after working several months, DM, GM and Area Tech mangers triangle was about to collapse, yes the legs of that triangle just fell in on its self. As for the area tech manger, I said I would be with you forever, I will be! I hope you have learned something from your, remark “I am going to be watching you” what you obvious was not watching well enough, you equated CEC it to the military. But the military gave us things you could not, like nice health care (they canceled my insurance when I was diagnosed with 3 illness), and harassed me when I had a worker comp. and the military allowed us to eat our lunch. We were not in the same military, I did check that one out. These were just a few things that were unsafe and swept under the rug.
    One promises I made to everyone at the chuckie cheese was if I ever “under mind anyone there, or show them disrespect, take me to the door and put your foot in my ass. None of you guys, could say that to the other. And when it all got bad, everyone was pointing a finger, and then the damage control started, after the OSHA and EEOC and Health Department was called in. I take no pride in saying any of these things, just another example of there are no coincidences; everything is for a higher good, if WE are pursuing the Logical and correct solution, the natural order of things will follow.
    And to the DM still with CEC and SRS insurance, there is a special place for you guys in my heart. I will also post some hate mails in days to come, glad to know I am taking up space in someone’s head how ever little it is.

    Doc-I did earn it (attraction rather then promotion)

  73. Here is one of many e-mail’s that found its way into my box, I am sure it is from a CEC Employee or X-employee….as I said– gald to know I am taking up room in your head ever so small.

    Are you scolded for being a ‘kooky’ at times ? Well you needn’t be scared people because you can wig out and do all the mad things you’ve wanted to try all along. How ? Why ? Because it’s Temporary Insanity Day folks ! That reminds me, last year Steve had sported a false antenna and decked up like a Martian or rather as he thought Martians look. He looked more like a walking T.V if you ask me ! Boy ! We did roar ! My nutty pooch Kong, and his naughty bud Pirate; drove Steve bonkers woofing around him and nibbling his Martian clothes for fun ! This year all of us are planning to go dressed as ‘Animals’. Boss is gonna have a fit ! I’m decking up as a Bunny, Kate as a Duckling, Steve as a Swamp Monkey (ahem ! ) and Ron hasn’t made up his mind yet. Though I think he should go as a Tasmanian Devil, scratch his head and say, ‘graaahhh traah graaffffff sss’ ! Tee hee ! Ron will kill me if he hears this so I’m counting on you folks to keep the secret.

  74. Glad to know you still have a few neuRONs, after all those drugs you used, are you working anywhere now? Perhaps, your on works comp, or have the flu? Which ever, I am sure you got it from the big rat! How is the stocks going these days? SOUTH!!Cause the big lady up North has your ticker tape in hand.

    Editor bob wrote this, hate mail, as a means of relieving his inhibited frustration.

    “Oink Oink ! No no I haven’t metamorphosed into a pig ! Whew ! That word has left me breathless ! It’s such a huge word me-ta-mor-phosed… ain’t it folks ? Never mind that now lemme tell you the good news ! It’s Pig Day and the gang’s planning a treat for Ron ! I had objected to the plan ! Ron always has too much to eat as it is ! But Kate and Megan said we ought to give the biggest ‘Pig’ of the gang a whopping treat ! It’s his day after all… Pig Day you know. But here’s the good bit ! We are planning to dish up platefuls of veggies for him ! Ha Ha ! Ron hates salads and greeny stuff ! A meat binger he is ! Any kind will do and methinks he can also eat ‘Man-meat’ if you stuff it in a burger. Cannibal ! But let’s see what he does on Pig Day ! Oh poor ol’ Ron ! We’ll load his belly with leafy food. I can almost see him wriggling to escape us, and we shoving mouthfuls of green stuff down his throat. But hey wait a minute ! The rest of the gang is gotta go around unfed so after we fill Ron up to his neck we foodies are gonna dig into pizzas and ice creams ! I’ll tell you all about how we bugged Ron later and you can have a good laugh but first lemme unroll the fun events of the week for you.”

  75. Dont work at CEC

    March 17, 2007 at 4:52 pm

    What can i say i worked in CEC for over 5 years while i was in college, and i left the company last year, THANK GOD, i was planning to leave december 2006, but fortunately i won the lottery, so what did i do, noone till this day knows why i left, so i finish my shift at the end of the week and i left with no notice, i keep getting calls on my mobile, but never picked it up, my DM was an asshole, and i was due a raise for almost 3 years, so i put it in their face,.
    i love the job, but the company does not know how to treat their employees and managers, never got any compliments from my DM, and it was all excuses, if you work there you know how it is, you have no life on the weekends, your done with ur shift at around 1am on fridays and saturdays,
    i meet Dick Frank, Mike Magusiak, and all the top people, they were like the usual thinking they are big shots, i Remember oh my god they are coming from Corporate and we had to clean for like 3 days in a row and for what, NOTHING,
    NOW to answer the question, i got so many complaints about this question,
    KID Check didnt check my kids hand your supposed to be watching my kid and i was like where not here to Babysit your kid, watch him yourself, i remember my last day there i told my Kid Check to leave his post and help me clean to get out of there, and that was that, now my question is would i take my kids there when they get older and the answer is Yes, i grew up with that place, and i know is great, but i know which locations are clean, and the best time to take your kids there and you would know the Salad is Fresh and the food is fresh and the best Kitchen People are on hand, THAT DAY IS Saturdays Morning betweem 9am and 1pm, they receive fresh Salad Morning for the weekend, and also since sat. is a buzy day they have the best Kitchen cast on hand prepping for the whole day if not for the weekend.
    well im done i have to go now,
    i think CEC will be around for many years, it is hard to compete with them now, they have over 500 locations, the only way is for you to open a store in every state, and major marketing and you will beat them,
    Usually when they have Competition they buy them out because they are not doing great,
    they Bought out DISCOVERY ZONE in the 90’s then they bought out Jeepers last year, and i know they were thinking about buying Dave and Busters, but Dave and Busters expanded and they are doing really good, so what did CEC do , they started 2 concept restaurants like Dave and Busters they are already open in TX Dave and Busters is like a CEC for adults, ok now im done, lol i hope everyone got some knowledge about the company, Enjoy the rest of your life, and advice for everyone Work hard and try to open your own business that way you work for yourself and not for stupid corporations.

    TITLE: Dinner at Chuck’s
    DATE: 04/01/2006 09:49:15 AM
    The other night, we had to make a pit stop at the ever sinister Eagle Rock Target. We were hungry and before entering that establishment decided to eat. The venue of choice was right next door: Chuck E. Cheese(their site…

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