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New editor

It’s always difficult when editorial leadership changes come to any publication. This week the reins at Gawker passed from Choire Sicha to Jessica Coen:

IMterview: Passing the Gawker Tiara

So the job I’m entrusting to you: all over Manhattan, tens of thousands of people are trapped in front of their computers. They must not be allowed to work. Your duty is to wake up early, still drunk or not, and help them un-work.

This works very well for me, as I had always imagined Sicha to be a woman, and had some weird reading double vision when my assumption turned out to be false. So reality and fantasy now are in alignment. Just like I prefer it.

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  1. Choire was a year ahead of me in high school, and he wasn’t a woman then, but a rather interesting and appealing fellow altogether.

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