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Putting the “NO” in NOI

For the last hour I’ve been trying to submit a “Notice of Intent” (NOI) for a new NASA research project on human-robot collaboration in space. Like a lot of funding groups, they’ve put the applications process online… where it can be overwhelmed by people tying to send in their proposals at the deadline.

I’ve gotten every alert, server error message, and connection refused message known to broswerdom. It’s getting just a wee bit tiring, and the deadline is in 14 minutes.

This’ll probably get my proposal rejected if the reviews ever happen to see my blog, but: if NASA can’t get an online form to work, are they really going to be able to send people to Mars?

Maybe I’ll just send it to DARPA.

[To the tune of The Fixx, “Deeper & Deeper,” from the album The Best Of The Fixx – The Millenium Collection.]


  1. I know the feeling – had the same experience (though the deadline was five hours away, not 14 minutes) some months ago when working on the Research Policy Institute’s application (on scientific fraud, by the way) to the Swedish Research Council. It is once a year and most groups in Sweden apply. The server just collapsed for a quarter of an hour or so.

    Good luck with the application!

  2. Fortunately, they decided to push back the filing deadline to Monday morning at 9 AM. I was getting tired of all that clicking!

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