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Something to do with my new phone

So far, the main thing I’ve done with my phone is just admire it sleek design and the keypad’s really beautiful blue backlighting. I’ve also taken a couple pictures of the kids. Oh, and bought Tetris, which plays really well on a cell phone.

What’s next? Maybe some geocoded mobile blogging?

Cell phone software makers are putting a new twist on Web logs by tapping into geotracking features in handsets.

However, the location-based mobile social networks–or “LoMoSos”–are expensive to use so far, and wireless carriers have been slow to adopt them.

One of the first such products is from WaveMarket, an Emeryville, Calif.-based software maker that invented a way for cell phone users to upload their location, along with photos and text messages, onto interactive street maps viewable by millions of other cell phone users.

According to the company’s Web site,

WaveIQ is our new software suite that can turn any mobile phone user into an on-location broadcaster. You can add information and commentary about restaurant reviews to safety tips. You can find a buddy, or track a truck, inspect a neighborhood for real estate or child safety. It’s good for both social and business and it puts the power of blogging technology into the hands of the masses.

We’ve spent three years developing this software and it lets you collect, share and broadcast information in ways not previously possible. We made WaveIQ so simple that if you know how to make a phone call you will understand how to use it at after a single glance. Suppose you’re at a restaurant you like—you take a picture of the room or your plate, add a few words, then broadcast this instant blog to WaveBlog, our “Master Page” where postings are organized by time, place and blogger popularity. Your posting may be shared with one friend or the whole world—it’s your choice.

[To the tune of Projections, “Ballada Para Mi Muerte,” from the album Astor Piazzolla Remixed.]

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  1. How can I find out the date of manufacture of the mobile fone instrument?
    The model I have is a Sony Ericsson.

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