From a pretty funny interview with Deborah Wassertzug, Columbia University Journalism Librarian:

Media coverage will obviously be pretty intense for the RNC in NYC. Do you think there’s a problem with giving bloggers, so-called “amateur journalists,” access to the events?

There is a huge problem, IF they’re writing about anything other than bloggers and their blogs. When I open up a nice blog to accompany my morning coffee, I don’t want a blogger’s take on current events, for crying out loud! I want photos — photos of them with other bloggers, photos of them wearing blog-related t-shirts and hats, drinks in their hands.

And I want links leading to links that take you to still more links — like when you take a photo of someone taking a photo of someone taking a photo of someone who’s snapping a picture of someone pretending to “hold up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa (get far back enough, you’ll wind up with a satellite photo of Italy).

I want big media to tell me what to think; I want bloggers to create a labyrinth requiring hours to unravel and yielding an untidy ball of mixed metaphor. Is that so wrong?

[To the tune of David Bowie, “I Have Not Been to Oxford Town,” from the album Outside.]