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I’m sitting….

…in Denver International Airport, under a large Intel Centrino banner that says “wireless internet access here.” (I see that they spell “internet” with lower case now, just like Wired.)

And I’m not getting any signal at all.

Apparently there’s something about the phrase that I’m not getting, some way that “wireless internet access here” actually means “there’s no wireless internet access here.”

Must ponder.


  1. I’ve actually used the WiFi there before at Denver, but if I remember correctly you have to use one of the demo computers that at least at the time they had set up to show you how exciting the technology is.

    This suggests to me that they’re not broadcasting the SSID, but it is there, appearances notwithstanding. (I didn’t see an Ethernet cable, at least.)

  2. Ah, that explains something. SFO has similar kiosk-type things. Still, I contend that the banners are misleading.

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