I’m now in Evergreen, at my folks’ place. The Pang compound is now wireless from top to bottom, so it’s like computing heaven. Unfortunately, my dad’s idea of a laptop is a ThinkPad that weighs about as much as my son. Still, it was better than bringing my own out.

The trip out was perfectly fine. The kids are excellent travelers, and except for a small episode where the younger one was kicking the seat in front of him, thus ruining the life of the misanthropic harridan in front of us and threatening to cause a rift in the space-time continuum, went off without a hitch.

Travel with kids is interesting: it’s much less like travel when you’re single, and more like an extended effort at creating a mobile version of the little bubble that your kids live in, and which keeps them predictable and reasonably happy. We travel 1200 miles, are in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, and in the car, the kids are in their regular car seats, drinking apple juice and listening to the same Disney Princess CD that they always do when we drive.

Though the one thing different is that it’s a nicer car, as Elizabeth pointed out. After driving it around for a while, she asked me, “Daddy, why can’t we keep this car?” She does know her own mind.

I’m now watching a slightly absurd Jean Reno movie called Wasabi, which I’d never heard of before tonight, but was on the shelf. It’s a French film that takes place in Tokyo; it’s an interesting view into Japanese pop culture, with the obligatory Yakuza vs. Tough Foreign Cop story line. Not bad for decompressing after a day on the road.