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One of my friends sent me a couple CDs for my birthday: Royksopp’s Melody AM, and Projections Between Here and Now. (Thanks Victoria!) They arrived at home, and naturally I was excited to listen to them.

Trouble is, I don’t have a portable CD player any more. There’s the 5 CD changer on the stereo, but the kids weren’t likely to approve of the music (“Want Cinderella!” my son was likely to yell throughout, a reference to a Disney CD that we often– no, constantly to the point of obsessively– play in the car). Besides, I hardly use it: ever since I moved by music collection onto my Mac, the CD player is much more likely to have Baby Mozart and the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack than my stuff. And my old Sony Discman gave up the ghost a while ago.

So, had you come in this evening, you would have seen me at the living room table, working on my latest Red Herring column, grooving to deeply cool electronica… played on a pink CD player decorated with a crown and the word “Princess” in fancy script. My daughter’s CD player, which she last used to listen to The Wiggles.

But hey, it still sounds good.


  1. Um, all you had to do was ask. I have a more adult looking one, it is silver. But I liked the pink princess look, a nice contrast to the iPod.

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