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Where’s that insurance comment spam?

–because I should take some life insurance, on the chance that my job kills me in the next two months.

Some of it is my own fault. I’ve got a talk at Berkeley this Wednesday, and then one in Denver at a trade association the following Wednesday, plus my usual commitments (the Red Herring column, some freelance work). But I’ve also got a giant project whose deadline is the end of the month, and another, equally important but vastly different one, that wraps up in mid-November. The future never fails to be interesting. And there’s an awful lot of it.

This is what I get for reading biographies of T. H. Huxley and Alexander the Great in my spare time. I need to find some biographies of people who weren’t workaholics, compulsive writers, megalomaniacs, or capable of existing on a couple hours’ sleep a night. Maybe that new Paris Hilton autobiography would restore some balance to my life.

This is one of the occupational hazards of studying the Victorians: you run the risk of picking up some of their work habits and attitude.


  1. Well, if you had told me you wanted to model your life after biographies, I would have been searching for some for your birthday — maybe some of those Victorians who sat around enjoying the benifits of the upper class. Oh, but wait, they inherited large amounts of money and used it to support their indulgent lifestyle. Maybe we don’t want that as a model, do we?

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