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A mouse click away from… an English parenting magazine?

Yesterday, I got an e-mail message from a writer asking me about baby blogs. I’d mentioned them in my Red Herring column, and of course had talked about my blog about my children. Somehow, the piece came to her attention; as a result, I’m now in danger of looking like an expert on baby blogs in an English parenting magazine.

It’s an example– albeit a rather trivial one– of the power of the Internet. The Web doesn’t quite dissolve the boundaries of space and time the way some predicted, but it does increase the likelihood of weird connections– like this one– getting made.

This is the third European blog-mediated connection I’ve made in the last week. A couple months ago I described an idea for combining reputation systems and smart mobs in systems for dynaimc, on-the-fly carpooling, and just heard from someone whose company is actually doing something along these lines. And I got an invitation to a conference in December, which was very flattering.

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