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Blog Conference

Laura McKenna is experimenting next week with a Work/Family Blog Conference:

I’ve gotten the ear of a group of academics and writers who are very interested in your views on the topic. Instead of sending them a list of links to my blog and other posts in the blogosphere, I’m going to collect everyone’s views in one place. These scholars and writers have the power to change the direction of research and focus media attention on this topic. Because most of these influential women are a generation older than we are, they want to know about our experiences. Let’s tell them what we think.

This week long blogfest is open to everyone. There will be posts that are directed aimed at women and men, academics and others, singles and parents. I want all perspectives.

Remember when conferences were these incredibly complex things to organize? Well, they’re still that. But maybe the concept of a “blog conference” is one that can develop some traction.

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    It is easier to fix Unix than to live with NT.

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