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Listening to some of the graduate students and young Ph.D.s, I realize that I no longer do something that I was once nearly obsessive about: publicly referencing the work of other people, and suggesting how my work relates to– draws on, is inspired by, extends, challenges, what have you– theirs.

I don’t not read other people’s stuff, but I no longer feel the need to so explicitly construct a network of citations and people around myself. I still mention some people whose stuff I really like (especially when they’re in the room), but the intention isn’t quite the same.

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  1. This is one of the MAJOR flaws in contemporary academic discourse, to my mind. The constant need to take otherwise interesting ideas and put them in the narrowest context possible…that is, as “responses” to little snippets of other people’s theories. Make that other, very specific, people’s theories. If the point is to be part of a conversation (and I believe it is), I wish that we (social scientsts and humanities folks in particular) would enlarge the paths to discussion. But I guess grad students and recent Ph.Ds don’t have realistically have the opportunity to do that…

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