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Fall is here!

It looks like fall has finally arrived in the Bay Area. For about the last week or ten days I’ve been noticing the leaves starting to turn red and yellow, and certain places– a section of Middlefield just south of Bay Road, parts of Sand Hill, patches of the Stanford campus– looking distinctly autumnal. Yesterday, after a last burst of summer heat, it finally cooled down, and today is rained for much of the day– or I was caught in rain, between spending the morning here on the Peninsula, and the afternoon in San Francisco.

I think I’m not the only one who was waiting for autumn to finally come. Yesterday at Barrone there were people sitting outside, dressed like they were in Tahoe or Innsbruck, in wool sweaters and fleece vests and long scarves. I certainly understand the sentiment, but it wasn’t quite that cold yesterday. But the rain today was a good sign that we’re really going to shift into the new season, at long last.

While it’s not as dramatic as in New England or even the mid-Atlantic, I still find the fall here very pleasant: despite all the evergreens and tropicals, we still have plenty of trees that lose their leaves, and fall marks more of a slow slide into the cold rainy winter, than a distinct season that’ll end in December with snow and subzero weather. In other parts of the country, fall and winter seem more distinct; out here, they’re more part of a spectrum, distinguished by a few degrees, shorter days, and more rain (or so one can only hope).

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  1. I write this from beautiful, autumnal Virginia. When your father and I moved to Calif. (in August), on a sublimnial level we kept waiting for autumn to come, and it never did. Then instead of winter, all that happened was rain. One day Pop commented that he felt like God had forgotten us.

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