I thought this kind of thing only happened in little-used fields in northern France, or Viet Nam:

Hurricane uncovers buried bombs

Military explosives from the Second World War training exercises have been found four times along Florida’s Atlantic Coast since hurricane Jeanne blew through the area last month and uncovered them.

The coast stretching along Volusia, Brevard and Indian River counties was used in the Second World War for amphibious landing and other military training. Tank obstacles and other military gear have been found as well.

The latest find came Monday when U.S. army explosives experts from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station removed a three-metre-long, rocket-powered explosive nicknamed Tiny Tim from the sands of Vero Beach…. After bomb experts dug up the bomb by hand Monday, they placed it in a truck on a bed of sand. The bomb was driven five kilometres away, placed in a four-metre-deep hole, covered with sand and detonated with other explosives.

[via A Journey Through Time]