In an article slamming both the new iPods and XM’s portable satellite radio player, Paul Boutin says,

The biggest problem with XM right now, though, is content. It’s got 130 channels that I don’t want to listen to. There’s no Howard Stern, no Car Talk, no Rush Limbaugh. If XM has ever played Fischerspooner or Trooper, I missed it. If you want your music, stick to the iPod….

Apple’s player is the only way to go if you suddenly want to listen to a Clash song from 25 years ago, but if you need to find out the news from five minutes ago, your iPod is useless. You’re better off with MyFi or even a clunky, AM-only boom box. Forget that new U2 tune—the iPod theme song should be “Dancing With Myself.”

Hey, I just bought that song!