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Lloyd Kahn’s latest book

I first read Lloyd Kahn’s Domebook years ago, when I was first working on the Bucky project. Domebook and Domebook 2 are remarkable books, amazing cultural artifacts that reflect the idealism of the communitarian strand of the counterculture. Now, he has a new book about building:

For Lloyd Kahn, the hand-built home is still where it’s at

Before McMansions, before the counterculture was granite and marble, there was Lloyd Kahn, champion of the hand-built house, a road-kill-skunk skin warming his chair, a chin-up bar suspended from the rafters.

For 35 years, Kahn, 69, has been a steadfast chronicler of offbeat owner-built shelter: straw and mud houses, solar-powered houses, geodesic domes beloved by hippies (of whom Kahn was one) and made from chopped-up cars pounded into submission and bent into triangles….

Now, from his home down a brambly dirt road with no name in Bolinas, the self-consciously reclusive coastal village in Marin County, comes “Home Work: Handbuilt Shelter,” his latest ode to humankind’s ability to create, often out of nothing, expressive and in some cases profoundly bizarre dwellings.


  1. was it the NY Times with an article about him as well? I saw something very like this, but it wasn’t in the IHT.

  2. Domebook is a good book!


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