Trackback caught a link from metacool, a blog about design and marketing maintained by– well, the blog itself doesn’t say, but it’s not hard to figure out. He’s a fellow admirer of Neal Stephenson, anyway. And all the car pictures turn out to make lots of sense.

When I worked at Britannica, I developed a healthy loathing of marketing people. I got over it; actually, I eventually developed a measure of respect for certain people in the field, but still considered most of them characters right out of Dilbert. But I’ve since discovered (thanks largely to CorporatePR) a highbrow element in the profession, consisting of people who are very smart, skeptical of conventional marketing, and trying (it seems to me) to figure out where the field is going in a time of rapid change. If only there were more of them.

Update, 4 October 2004: Do communications programs have something to do with this?