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You don’t really need to see the picture to be afraid… very afraid. The caption is enough to give you nightmares:

From left to right: Katie Couric as Donald Trump, Al Roker as Oprah Winfrey, Matt Lauer as Paris Hilton, and Ann Curry as Tina Turner.

In unrelated news, I think I might have gone to college with Ann Curry. I’ve never bothered to try to find out. It’s not as if biographical information about celebrities is easily available on the Internet, after all.


  1. Ann Curry graduated from a university in Portland in 1978. (I know, I’m a little too obsessed with her.)

  2. Ah, that settles it. The Ann Curry I knew graduated from college in the 1980s.

    I think her name might also have been spelled Anne.

    Come to think of it, her last name might not have been Curry, either.
    TITLE: frightening halloween news correspondents
    BLOG NAME: the
    DATE: 10/30/2004 07:51:47 AM
    ‘Today’ Show Scares The Shit Out Of Everyone (via Gawker) This made me laugh out loud pretty hard when I should have been working. Is everyone looking forward to a very ghoulish Halloween this weekend? I know I am… Boo!…

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