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The wedding

The wedding was a lot of fun. Of course, it’s always nice to be at a wedding involving one’s family (in this case, my sister in law), but the whole thing went off well. I ended up rewriting the ceremony in the car an hour beforehand, while my son napped in the back seat (so much of my work these last five years has taken place on nap drives, I may have to convert an old car into a home office– a cheap version of the vintage Airstream-trailer-turned-meeting room that you see in some hip companies). But I digress.

The weather held, the crowd was great, the bride and groom were calm and collected, and I managed not to flub any of my lines. The ceremony was about seven and a half minutes long. Now, normally you don’t have a ceremony that short unless it’s conducted by an Elvis impersonator, but nobody wanted a long, involved event. And I still managed to get in a couple oblique history of science references. One must be true to one’s self.

And having now worn my tuxedo five times, I’ve effectively paid it off: it cost less than five rentals would have.


  1. Nancy (aka the bride)

    October 4, 2004 at 11:47 am

    The ceremony was excellent! We (and everyone else) loved it. Wonderful use of humor, personal anecdotes, proper solemnity – and got the groom’s name right! Well done!

  2. Like I said, it was an honor to perform the ceremony.

    And I’m also available for christenings and bar mitzvahs!

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