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Going to Copenhagen

It’s official: I’m going to Copenhagen at the end of the month, to speak at NEXT2004 conference (which I’d mentioned before). I’ve never been to the European mainland– I’ve spent time in England and Scotland– so it’ll be an adventure.

If anyone has suggestions about things to see, do, etc., I’m all ears. There’s a very interesting new national library building that I definitely want to see, and Denmark has some tremendously important modern and postmodern architecture and design; so part of me think that I’ll get a lot just by walking around.

I may also spend a day in or around Aarhus.

But other than what I’ve picked up from a couple travel books and my history of modern architecture classes, I know almost nothing about Copenhagen, so I’m hear recommendations about what’s cool there.


  1. Lego!!!

  2. I was there when I was but 12, so I haven’t much to recommend as Dad was the one in charge. Is Amalienborg Palace there? Because that’s really beautiful. And frankly, I’m thinking about relocating there altogether today. It’s a lovely country with wonderfully nice people who have a far stronger grasp of English than my neighbors. ‘Nuff said.
    TITLE: Är bloggar en säkerhetsrisk?
    BLOG NAME: Nätverkssamhället
    DATE: 01/04/2005 07:19:43 AM
    När jag skrev förra inlägget så började jag funderar på om inte bloggar kan vara en säkerhetsrisk? Den vanlige bloggaren är ofta en prylgalning (jag är det själv) som gärna berättar om sina …

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