So, it all comes down to tomorrow.

Our polling place is located in a fire stations just around the corner. I’m going to vote in the morning, before taking the kids off to day care and school. They like going to vote: there are usually hats and stickers.

I’ve been reading all sorts of scary stuff about problems with new voter registration, plans to force challenge the identities of voters, attempts to divert or discourage voters, etc., etc.. This, combined with the incredible closeness of the race (Slate projects a tie in the Electoral College, though it doesn’t look like they try to account either for the faithless elector in West Virginia, or the possibility of the Colorado electoral votes being proportionally distributed– both of which would change the equation enough to break a tie), lead me to assume that it’s not going to be over tomorrow night. (However, Electoral Vote has Kerry by a comfortable margin.)

I’d really prefer to have it over and done with. I’d rather have Kerry lose in a clean election, than have two months of uncertainty. It’s one thing to have an election not go your way; but to have the election process itself subverted strikes me as far worse, an event that will cast a long shadow. Soft money, overweening corporate influence, and special interests aren’t good things, but a loss of faith in our collective ability to run a clean election– or worse, a conviction that our opponents are willing to subvert the process– is a problem of a different order of magnitude.