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Breakfast in London

My breakfast Tuesday morning before getting on the plane. Apparently this is a typical English breakfast (or so the menu claimed). From top: tomato and (or merely on) baked beans; eggs on a fried slice (which seems to be a piece of fried bread, I never quite got up the nerve to try it, as it seemed to be saturated in oil); sausage; chips; and bacon.

There’s toast on the left, in a holder designed to let as much heat as possible escape from the toast before it’s eaten.

Fascinating how much breakfast differs between countries.

[To the tune of Cubapercussion & Klazzbrothers, “Bagatelle for Piano in A Minor, “Fur Elise”: Afrolise,” from the album “Classic Meets Cuba”.]

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  1. Heh. See for a chronicling of some of the best all day breakfasts…

  2. Excellent page! My arteries harden just looking at those breakfasts.

  3. trimble in UK

    April 2, 2006 at 3:44 pm

    Going by the pic…its not quite the right combination..”English” breakfast one frypan, start cooking the pork Sausage,…the fat comes out to cook bacon rashers and the rest… fried or scrambled eggs, Baked beans in tom. sauce OR Tomato (cooks in the same fry pan), on a bread slice (which was fried in the last of the above ingredents fat)..allso maybe mushrooms..
    There should NOT be chips (french fries) or even a Hash brown…
    Allso On the side: Toast with butter and jam..All started with a bowl of cereal with milk…small glass of orange juice..and cups of English tea (NOT coffee)..
    The only fat is that from the sausage and is NOT a particularly high fat meal ..but very tasty.@@@

  4. Ah, so maybe this was a version designed to appeal to the tourists.

    Though given how many restaurant owners in London seem to be non-English, I have to wonder: what happens to traditional food when many of the restauranteurs are foreigners? Another great experiment in, or maybe unintended consequence of, European integration.


    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to request permission to use your image of fried breakfast for a school project. I am currently taking a GCSE in ICT at Braunton School and would like to use this image. The image will not be broadcasted publicly however as part of the project we are required to gain permission from the author/owner of the work. The idea is that it will be used on a presentation to a small group of parents however it is unlikely that this will actually take place.

    I would be very grateful if you would grant me permission to use this particular image.
    Yours faithfully,

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