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Gromit attacks London

Today I was out for a walk, and realized I needed to buy some presents for my kids. Fortunately, they’re big fans of the soccer shirts I bought them last time, so I ducked into a souvenier shop near Leicester Square and found a couple Chelsea jerseys for them.

On the way out, I saw a crowd near the Odeon, and wondered what was going on. Then I saw it:

It was the debut of the new Wallace and Gromit movie.

It was a huge crowd, and a this long line of people in black tie waiting to get into the theatre.

On one hand, you might think that this is kind of ridiculous, but Wallace and Gromit may be the country’s most successful cultural export this side of the Beatles.

Then I got too close, and a couple goons beat me up and took my camera. Fortunately, I got the memory card out of it.

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  1. I don’t suppose you’re taking general shopping requests, are you?

  2. I wish I’d had time on this trip, but after my talk I went home, fell dead asleep, and was awakened by housekeeping at 10:30 in the morning– the first full night’s sleep I’ve gotten in I don’t know how long…..

  3. Fire attacks Aardman Bristol warehouse–I wonder if these balloons also went up in smoke?

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