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My last night in London

Monday night, after my talk, we went back to the hotel. I was exhausted, but still too wired to go to sleep; and I felt like I couldn’t possibly end the night without going out for at least a short walk.

I went downstairs to the hotel restaurant, and checked if they were still serving dinner. (It was almost 11.)

Turns out I got there just a couple minutes under the wire. I was able to get some fish and chips, and something peas-based (I’m sure there’s a more specific name for it, I just don’t know what it was).

They were delicious, but part of me feels like fish and chips is one of those things that is best bought in a shop that gives them to you wrapped in newspaper.

I decided to walk down beside St. James’ Park, to the river. Fortunately, that takes you past Big Ben.

The London eye is pretty extraordinary at night.

Actually, the whole Embankment is extremely cool, though I almost prefer the view on the South side.

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  1. The green peas with the fish are called Mushy Peas. They are a big thing in the North of England – but not so common in the South.

    I agree with you about walking in the sight versus across the river from the sights. In London some of the best views of St Pauls, the Houses of Parliament and parts of the City are from the South Bank.


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