I think I've got things set up to automatically blog my del.icio.us account. If you can figure it out, it's possible to get del.icio.us to turn your del.icio.us feed into daily blog postings: the documentation is a little obscure at this point– I found a description of how to do it in the del.icio.us discussion group, but not on del.icio.us itself (though others have blogged their own walk-throughs)– but if you can make it work, it's a nice little feature.

I've also added three RSS feeds on the right-hand side:

  • Technorati Watch is a list of blogs that have recently linked here. (For anyone who doesn't know, you can create what Technorati calls a "watchlist," which will automatically search for use of certain tags, links to particular sites, or the appearance of keywords. You can be your own private NSA.)
  • Del.icio.us Cyberspace is feed from del.icio.us/tag/cyberspace: in other words, things that all del.icio.us users have tagged with the term "cyberspace."
  • Technorati Cyberspace lists things that Technorati users have tagged with the term "cyberspace."

Obviously it's useful to me to keep track of these things. But putting the feeds up is also a way of acknowledging that there are plenty of other people who are interested in, and writing about, questions about what cyberspace is and where it's going. (This puts into practice some ideas I articulated in a piece about blogging and the concept of the amateur.)

[To the tune of Elton John, "Funeral for A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding," from the album "Here and There".]

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