This is my 2501st post on this blog. Wow.

I’ve been writing a bit less because I’ve got what my doctor calls a textbook case of carpel tunnel, and a replacement computer that’s been a bit weird to work with. The machine was a 15″ Mac, and I found using it strangely disconcerting: I’ve gotten so used to the extreme mobility of the 12″ the larger computer felt just a bit too big to carry without thinking about it.

As for the carpel tunnel, 20 years of typing, slouching, and video games seem to have finally caught up with me. I’ve got the brace now, have cut down on the Lego Star Wars, and am starting to try to figure out other things I can do. Though if I could just get a wrist brace that did something cool, like shoot Spiderman webs or give me incredible strength, I’d be okay with it.

[To the tune of The Beatles, “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” from the album “Anthology 1 (Disc 2)”.]