I’m going to Finland in early June, to speak at the conference on culture as innovation in Turku. This should be very interesting, as it brings together a few things I’ve studied in the past (like the STS view of science as culture and practice) and am working on today (like the future of science cities).

Of course, since it’s halfway around the world, I’m spending a couple extra days there. What should I do with my free time?

My preference is to give talks and see interesting technical stuff, rather than just hang out in old castles and drink (that’s an evening thing). And while I hear that Finland will have thawed by June, as Woody Allen put it, I am at Two with Nature, so I’d rather hike around city streets than national parks.

[To the tune of Norah Jones & The Peter Malick Group, “Strange Transmissions (Bastone & Burnz Remix),” from the album “Strange Transmissions (Bastone & Burnz Remix) – iTunes Pre-Sale Exclusive EP”.]

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