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Is Alaska’s next governor the spokesperson?

Just asking.

Sabine Ehrenfeld, the spokesmodel

Sarah Palin, Alaska’s new governor

Thanks to Jason for pointing out the similarity.

Maybe I can get back to work now.

[To the tune of Natalie Merchant, "Wonder," from the album "Tigerlily".]


  1. Don’t get it — where’s the similarity?

  2. PS: Alex, did I say something wrong in the last comment? I ask because your spam filter told me that “The language of your comment does not match the preferred language of this user”. As a consequence I was invited to do one of those recognize-six-distorted-letters-tests which I always find pretty difficult. To avoid future humiliations by your spam filter: What’s your “preferred language”?

  3. It did it again! “The language of your comment does not match the preferred language of this user”. Another recognize-six-distorted-letters-test. What do I do wrong?

  4. The message is weird; but the six-digit or six-character test is a standard thing that I’ve got set up with all comments (I’ll have to do one when I post this comment). It’s supposed to cut down on automated spam commenting, which otherwise can be a serious problem, even on as modest a blog as mine!

  5. Well, it was just the weird wording I wondered about, not the spam test itself. The Akismet filter I’m using needs manual moderation which in turn gives other problems (you easily miss bona fide comments when you weed the baddies out; see, so I might in fact go over to your system.

  6. Similarity between the spokes model Sabine Ehrenfeld and Alaska governor Sarah Palin is immense.

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