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My wrist brace, aka fashion opportunity

I’ve been wearing this wrist brace for almost two weeks, and while it’s helped my hand some, I suspect I’ll be wearing it for a while to come. Which makes me wonder: when can I start using it to store my electronics?

I mean, a wrist brace could be the perfect place to store a digital camera and cell phone. Mine has lots of Velcro on it, and I’m now keeping an eye out for cases with Velcro backing; but after a couple hours experimenting with attaching a camera case to t, I suspect this won’t really work well unless the storage is built into the brace, to lower the profile of the brace (I look a bit like a poorly-designed Borg right now), to more firmly secure your expensive electronics, and to get the balance right.

I’d pay real money for something that let me quickly pull my camera or phone out of my sleeve, like a card shark with an extra ace, or an early modern assassin with a stiletto. And given that something like 3% of American adults have carpal tunnel, there’s probably a market here.

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  1. Hey, you don’t me but, I’ve been reading your blog since I somehow came across it last year. I’m a grad student, and I USED to have a bad case of carpal tunnel myself (in both wrists) a few years ago. I tried everything anyone recommended, sometimes verging on the ridiculous, but the only thing that worked for me was yoga. I’ve been doing Hatha and Ashtanga and it has kept away carpal tunnel despite lots of typing!

  2. I was about to write the same thing. Yoga is not simply a cure for carpal tunnel; it seems to be a total preventative. I want you to finish the Encyclopedia of the 21st Century so I guess as your publisher I’d better send you a yoga DVD for Christmas, and a list of local classes.

  3. I just read your story and i wanted to tell you about SLEEX… i think they are just the thing you are looking for. with a pocket for your phone/ipod etc..

    check it out..

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