I spent a good bit of last year working on a project for the British government on the future of science and technology. It was an immense amount of work, but the kind of rare project that seems to make use of everything you already know, and forces you to learn a lot of new stuff. It’s also what allowed me to go to England four times last year (okay, the fourth project-related trip was January).

In about an hour, I get to throw the switch on the database that we developed as part of the project, and release it to the general public. This wasn’t part of the original plan; but the government ultimately decided that this was worth making more widely available. Good for them. (I don’t get to turn it on because of my privileged position on the project; I just happen to be the one with the right administrative access.)

I have the odd feeling that this project is going to have consequences for me far beyond boosting my frequent flyer account and getting me to learn about MySQL; but I don’t know what they’ll be.

[To the tune of Prince, “Purple Rain,” from the album “Ultimate”.]

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