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Deep questions

First, how many of the characters from Winnie the Pooh are edible?

Obviously, Piglet and Rabbit.

I think they eat bear in China.

I didn’t know this until tonight, but it turns out that you can also eat kangaroo.

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I had kangaroo this evening at the Old Swan Brewery. It took a few minutes for my dinner-mates to convince me that this wasn’t some trick they played on foreigners. But other than making me feel a greater kinship with gonzo carnivore Ted Nugent, it’s pretty good. It reminds me of buffalo.

This leaves donkey, owl, and tiger, all of which I suspect are inedible.

Now the other big question: if the children ask, “Did you see any kangaroos?” what do I say? If I say “I ate some kangaroo,” they’ll think I’m a barbarian. If I say, “In a manner of speaking,” they’ll ask for details, and I suspect “On a plate, garnished with lettuce” won’t go over well. I should probably say no, on the grounds that you don’t see a cow every time you go to Burger King.

The tiger shrimp and squid were pretty good, too.

via flickr

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  1. I hope you enjoyed it. In Newark, Delaware, where I live, there is an Aussie BBQ joint, which serves its signature “Roo Burger.” I had to try it, and went over one evening with my wife. It was quite good!

  2. never thought of winnie the pooh in the edible way, thanks for opening my eyes a bit wider..
    but i do have to pass on the great food exploration.. and the ironic thing about any creature is that it can be turned into food, it’s a matter of preparation.. that could be a whole new facet the food channel could explore..
    sure it would change their crowd profile!
    have fun,
    brian d

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