I’m on the plane, a few hundred miles east of Hawaii. And I’ve got power. After a mad dash this afternoon, I got an adapter that will work with my Powerbook on a plane. (Business class offers power at your seat, but you need a special adapter to draw any juice. Kind of a pain.)

It’s too cool.

I watched The Departed, which is a loose remake of one of my favorite movies, Infernal Affairs (in fact, I have IA in my backpack, ready for viewing after my meetings are over. It turns out that in many small and some substantial ways, The Departed is pretty different from Infernal Affairs: lots of details have been changed, some of the scenes have been scrambled around, the pacing’s different, and the female character is more substantial. So it’s a different movie, and very well-done: Gangs of New York was an exuberant mess, but this is tight, intense storytelling. The incredible violence, the amazing performances by Dicaprio and Damon (and yes, Jack is great, but he’s always great), the nonstop profanity…. It’s fucking poetic. If it doesn’t score several Oscars, including the long-elusive best director award, I’ll be really, really disappointed.

I miss my family, I know flying isn’t good for the environment (carbon ton per carbon ton, it’s considerably worse than driving). Still, I love to travel. But I also get to go home, which makes it the best of all worlds.

[To the tune of Fleetwood Mac, “What Makes You Think You’re The One,” from the album “The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac“.]

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