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Perth photoset up

It’s created, though there’s not that much in it yet.

Client just called. Must hop in a cab.

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  1. You have a good eye – especially for the geometrical patterns to be found in the industrial. I really liked the first couple, the ones of the parking deck. The corner shot, where you capture the meeting of the two sides on several levels, really struck me. There’s a nice juxtaposition as well between the round outside and the square inside (I assume they are from the same building), though this is hard to show unless the two pictures are deliberately set against one another as they are if you slideshow them. Interior tunnel of the airport is good as well, especially the way the light plays off the various surfaces. They don’t all seem “artsy,” of course: in general, this seems like a nice mixture of personal vacation pictures and your more artistic side. On a personal note, it certainly gave me a good feel for these cities and a yen to visit.

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