I did an end-of-cyberspace-and-what-it-means-for-products talk tonight for the Silicon Valley chapter of the Product Management Institute. It was a pleasant time, a good crowd and all (and I'm sure the chocolate-dipped fruit will be delicious), but this is the last talk on the subject I'm giving until I've finished the book.

I printed it all out this afternoon, and was pleased to see that it's starting to feel like a real book manuscript. It's up to about 125 pages, and is about half finished; suddenly, it feels possible to write the rest.

Last night I finished an article on the uses of science studies in futures research, and will send it off the the journal soon, to begin its long journey through the editorial python of academic publishing. The end is also in sight for my wife's book, which is due to the editors this month; there's still lots of caption writing and other stuff she'll have to do, but we can see the end of the tunnel.

Bottom line, I'll be able to clear enough space in my life to get back to working on this seriously. So: Next task will be to run through the manuscript, and map out the major revisions and additions. A couple of the chapters near the back are pretty sketchy, so I've got to outline those as well. Then it's just a matter of writing like Hell.

I figure I should be able to get this thing done by Christmas at the very latest, and preferably before my birthday in September.

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