The L.A. Times reports that there are ideas for a sequel to The Departed:

The elegiac title and murderous conclusion of “The Departed” may have signaled a brutal, blood-red finality, but in Hollywood any potential franchise can be revived by a strong-enough dose of green.

“The Departed” is by far director Martin Scorsese’s biggest hit, with a gross of more than $260 million worldwide — a number bound to escalate if the intricate thriller wins an Oscar next month for best picture (one of its five Academy Award nominations). And so sources close to the film say that screenwriter William Monahan, who also received a nod for his “Departed” screenplay last week, has begun working out a potential take that would extend a connected story line and involve some of the same characters.

Given that everyone but Mark Wahlberg dies at the end, I don’t see how they can possibly do a sequel.

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