We bought several multi-day park passes to cover our three days here in the Land of the Mouse. As soon as we got in the park, I collected them, so I could write everyone’s name on them.

There were several families near us doing the same thing, and I noticed something: all of them were writing their cell phone numbers on their cards, and a couple were discussing whether it was even necessary– or particularly useful– to put their names. As one dad insisted, “No one who finds this pass needs to know my name. They just need to know how to reach me.”

I though this was interesting. To some degree, in these contexts, your cell phone number is who you are: or at least, it’s you, reduced to The Person Who Should Be Contacted If This Is Lost.

Another example of how cell phones– and the social functionality they enable– are slowly but surely changing our lives.

[To the tune of Sarah McLachlan, “Hold On,” from the album “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy“.]

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