Wonkette reports on new dollar coins announced by the U.S. Mint:

There have been two flopped attempts to introduce said coins… which have failed not because dollar bills remained in circulation besides them but because they portrayed ladies on the front.

Well, no more! Today, the U.S. Mint, turning to a group that never gets to be on money, is beginning a series of dollar coins with presidential portraits. The coins go in chronological order, four presidents a year, which means that this year we get John Adams, who got some laws passed that made criticizing the president a crime! Thank goodness that will never happen again….

Sacagawea will continue to appear on a few dollar coins minted every year, just as the Native Americans were allowed to continue living on a few small parts of their continent.

Not to get too political, but I look forward to one day having an administration– of whatever party– whose actions are actually distinguishable from Daily Show and Onion parodies.

[To the tune of Pink Floyd, “High Hopes,” from the album “The Division Bell“.]