Tonight we went to the Apple store (or the iPod store, as my son still calls it), and I bought a new iPod to replace the one that died late last year.

After some experimenting with playlists, and analysis of how much music of my music collection I actually listen to, I decided to go with a 30 GB black iPod. Turns out there’s about 5 GB of songs that I’ve never actually listened to even once, leaving about 22 GB of music– which in turns suggested getting the lower-capacity iPod.

I chose black at the last minute, mainly in an attempt to differentiate it more clearly from my camera and cell phone.

I also got the extended warranty, as I’m pretty hard on my iPods, and my last one died after 13 months– right after the regular warranty gave out.

[To the tune of Yes, “That, That Is,” from the album “Keys to Ascension, Vol. 2“.]

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