A few days ago, David Pescovitz threw out a term for the end of cyberspace that I like: Web No Point Oh (No.0). (A quick Web search reveals one other use of the term Web No.0, but in a very different context.) All my best turns of phrase come from David.

This was sparked by two things: a reporter who's doing a story about Web 3.0, and word from a friend in Denmark that he's found references to "Web N.0," with N ranging between 2 and 38.

But this assumes a model of interacting with "the Web" that calls attention to said Web. The Web won't go away, but our interactions with it will become more like our interactions with the electric grid: you don't interact with electricity (except under very unfortunate and occasionally terminal circumstances), and you don't really notice it unless it goes away; you interact with things that use electricity. Web No.0 will be the Web you aren't aware of, even as a piece of jargon to attract VC dollars.

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