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As the father of a Star Wars fanatic, I appreciate this

U2 singer Bono was knighted yesterday. He told reporters that his youngest son “was disappointed that his dad was not presented with a Star Wars light saber.”

“He thought I was becoming a Jedi,” Bono said.

[To the tune of Hermeto Pascoal, “Intocável,” from the album “Só Não Toca Quem Não Quer”.]

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  1. You could conceivably develop a crystal or piece of glass … a lense, from the nanoscale up that refracted light so precisely that it … behhhhhhhhh

    I just don’t see how you could get the beam to self terminate like that. You could always just set a sword on fire … I wonder if there is any precedent.

    Never mind I know how to do it …

    You’re talking about a weapon with a Dense Inert Metal Explosive type philosophy behind it … basically VERY small kill radius …

    the Tungsten dust they use in the DIME explosives is akin to the light used in the saber … the accelerant or explosive charge in the DIME is akin to the lense or crystal that amplifies the light … What you get is a low power mid-frequency (?) laser and all of the science exists in the charge or the optic you use to accelerate the light … when the light saber is activated the laser hits the lense gets propelled in a specific direction (it would take a very interesting parabola or marriage of geometries to achieve the exact acceleration and direction needed) … and then at a set distance the light just peters off … this is what happens in a DIME explosive.

    An extremely destructive small blast radius … and at 10 meters or so from the epicenter of the blast the tungsten dust just decelerates to the point of nonlethality … like sand blowing in the wind.

    The DIME is like an extremely destructive sandbomb that hyperaccelerates this heavy metal dust to decapitation and amputation speeds … enough to cut bone and really destroy pretty disasterously … but its just in that sphere …

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