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Strange cats

Today, while walking to my car, I had two strange cats (as in strangers, not as in bizarre) come up to me.

via flickr

I’m not sure if I smelled like tuna, or what.

via flickr

I petted them for a moment, then they got in a brief fight with each other. It was weird.

[To the tune of Miles Davis, “All Blues,” from the album “Kind of Blue“.]

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  1. i’ve seen some cats like this around the Oracle/Redwood Shores path. they’re basically wild, but fed by the locals, so they’re massively plump and healthy looking. but at the same time, they seem to be totally cool with humans – just chillin on the rocks watching the humanoids do their exercise thing.

    i went running around that Oracle area a few weeks ago and had one cat run along side me for a few yards. now _that_ was freaky. 🙂

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