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From Little India, I went on to Chinatown.

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At first, having a Chinatown in Singapore struck me as a bit odd, given how much of the city is Chinese. Isn’t it like having a Little New Jersey in New York City?

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But of course, Singapore is actually some distance from China: Hong Kong is about 1600 miles, or about 3 hours as the 747 flies, considerably farther than, say, Seattle is from the Mexican border.

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Since I was there pretty early, most things weren’t open yet, so it was relatively quiet and hawker-free. (Walking along Orchard Street a couple nights earlier, I was accosted repeatedly by people in tailors’ shops and electronics stores.)

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I kept checking my watch to make sure I could make it back to the hotel in time to get another shower (an essential thing right before a really long flight) and check out of my room, but balanced against this desire not to miss my plane home was the sense that there could be something really cool just around the corner, or on the next block. (One of the things that I love about walking around London is that it almost always rewards such diligence.) And eventually, I happened upon a huge temple.

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Though really, every block turned out to be interesting.

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Across the street from the templte was a market (I think the government runs these), where there were lots of people cued up at the rice porridge shop– a sure sign that it was breakfast.

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I had a chicken curry puff, then headed back to the subway, to return to the hotel.

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