Recently I’ve been doing a lot of traveling, and thinking about carrying my laptop everywhere. I don’t really mind having it with me– I’m someone who can carry a laptop around the house– but when I’m on a plane for 14 hours, or carrying a lot of stuff, it would be nice to be able to decide to leave the laptop behind, and not feel like I’m leaving a big part of my life.

I could do it if I could find a device that had wifi and the following:

  • A Web browser. Double points for dedicated access to Google Office (esp. Docs and Calendar), Gmail, and Flickr (a Flickr uploader).
  • Skype.
  • Adium or iChat.
  • The equivalent of Preview on the Mac– the ability to read text documents, RTFs, PDFs.

    • An e-mail program would be really convenient for offline message-writing.
  • World clock would be nice, but not absolutely essential.
  • A movie player? For long trips, this could be pleasant.
  • Ability to download and store pictures I take while on the road. This means a USB connection and plenty of memory– 4 GB at the very least, preferably 8.
  • Connect/sync to Mac preferable but not absolutely essential.
  • A long battery life– 12 hours of solid use, more of intermittent use.

It doesn’t have to play music or be a cell phone; I’ve got both of those covered.

Presumably the iPhone will be close to this, but I don’t need to have another phone contract. Does this thing exist? What is it? A Mylo? Will the just-announced Google phone be it?

I suspect if I were a little more technical, I could do a lot of this on my Newton. Those things seem destined to live forever.