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Little India

On my last morning in Singapore, I took the MRT up to Little India.

I didn’t go very far, just through an open-air market and restaurant area called Tekka Centre, then a few blocks around the train station.

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It was your basic riot of fresh produce. One of the mysteries of Singapore is that food seems to be pretty inexpensive, especially for a country with such a small agricultural sector (though what agriculture is left is, not surprisingly, very intensive).

Most of it is imported from Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia; and while I can imagine Malaysian agriculture isn’t very expensive, I wonder if there are government subsidies.

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From what I can figure out, many food vendors vendors used to be located on the street, but have largely been relocated to spaces like this.

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After Tekka Centre, I walked around a few streets, and eventually wound back to the MRT stop.

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Then I caught the subway to Chinatown.

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