Edited from IM…

Friend: is it good?

Me: it’s like rubbernecking a car wreck made entirely of words

Friend: what channel?

Me: i’m streaming it from npr

Friend: well looks like they managed to get CSPAN knocked offline..

Me: gonzales is basically spending hours saying, "I take responsibility for being totally incompetent. but you can’t touch me, bitches"…

Friend: is this dude gonna let Gonzie talk?


Friend: ah, here it comes

Me: if he said "quack quack QUACK quack" it wouldn’t be worse

Friend: dude i think my cat hates Gonzie

he just went buck wild while he was talking

Me: LOL…

so basically, after all these weeks, gonzales is saying, "I don’t know who made these decisions, and I can’t figure out who did?" this is a guy who enforces the law?

Friend: feinstein is so happy

Me: if a terrorist puts his eyes over his hands, would gonzales not see him?

gonzo is the first practitioner of quantum management!

i knew, and i did not know

i am responsible, and i am not responsible

i am in charge. i am not in charge…

Friend: seriously my cat is meowing everytime he lies

Me: that’s creepy. it must be getting loud. you’ve SO gotta put that on youtube, dude!

Friend: i suspect though if i feed him he may lose interest in the hearings

Me: schumer is like the senator from "the sopranos"

he’s seriously channeling the godfather

Friend: wow AG set himself up for this, and it all fits into a 30-second sound bite for tonights news

Me: not since bishop wilberforce asked thomas huxley, "was it on your mother’s side or your father’s side that you claim descent from an ape"? did someone set themselves up so badly for a devastating comeback

Friend: did he just eat his cyanide pill?

Me: arlen specter is channeling paul sorvino– "now i must turn my back"

Friend: wow just found an awesome torrent site for rare movies