My dinner last night: sushi from Jason’s Market Place, in Citylink Mall.

But not just any sushi. Individually-wrapped pieces of sushi.

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Environmentally unfriendly, I know, but very interesting nonetheless. And very, very good.

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One of the pleasures of this trip is that my dad comes to Singapore several times a year, and before I left, he suggested a bunch of places I should go– including the sushi counter at Jason’s. It’s been interesting following in his footsteps.

And the sushi was better (and much cheaper!) than the sushi I had in Paddington Station, even if it wasn’t served up in little UFOs. I may have lunch there.

[To the tune of Marvin Gaye, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” from the album “The Very Best Of 60’s Gold, vol. 3”.]

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