I left my digital camera at home this morning. Thanks to various classes and lessons scheduled on Saturday mornings, I have to be most prepared when I’m least capable of it. Leaving the camera made me aware of how often I carry it, and how unusual that would have been at one time.

When I was young, cameras were something you took on vacations, or to birthdays and graduations– special occasions, in other words. Carrying a camera around every day was impractical, unless you were willing to spend a lot of money on bad pictures.

But with a small digital camera, you can offhandedly take excellent pictures– or in my case, take lots of pictures, have a small number of them turn out well, and not worry about the rest. I take a few hundred pictures a week, of completely ordinary yet memorable stuff– my children running to class, climbing trees, reading to each other, the cats doing cat stuff

Of course, I have a gigabyte card in my camera cell phone, so I can survive the next few hours. But I can’t forget the camera tomorrow, when we go to the Peninsula Spring Fair.

[To the tune of Supertramp, “Fool’s Overture,” from the album “Paris (Disc 2)”.]

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