I’m in the Austin, Texas airport, waiting for a shuttle to the hotel where I’ll spend about 8 hours, if I’m lucky. (I have a theory that over-the-counter Provigil, or some other drug that lets you stay awake for a day or two, will seriously change the nature of business travel. When you don’t need to sleep, you don’t need a room. Expect 24-hour offices with hot and cold running coffee and showers, like what you aleady see in major airports.)

For some reason, in a moment of weakness I got in the line for Supershuttle, rather than catching a cab. I’m not sure why I did this, except to save a couple bucks. But it meant a 20-minute wait in the airport, and who knows how many stops before I reach the hotel. And I haven’t had great experiences with Supershuttle. Well, if it takes me forever, the trip will only be uphill….

[To the tune of Grateful Dead, “Estimated Prophet,” from the album “1977-05-08 – Barton Hall, Cornell University”.]

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